Dev Update

Just Wanted To Give Another Short Dev Update. Becoming Somewhat Of A Habit.

Ive Got 2 New Media Projects I Want To Announce Soon. But Holding Off Until I Move More Pixels On Existing Projects. Once I Have Made Some Progress Will Announce. I Am At The Moment Spending More Time Outside Than On The Computer. Hopefully That Changes In The Next Few Weeks.

The Media Projects I Want To Produce Are Getting Easier And Cheaper. Hoping To Have All Old Video Up On CBD.TV And MasterTeacher.Me Soon. As Soon As That Is Done, Ill Try Give A Little Time Each Month To Producing Video. 

Picked Up Some New Names Recently. Main One I Wanted Was To Get Names For A Project I Want To Start Related To Groceries. Want To Play A Role In The Grocery Market. Linking With Our Decode Keys To Filter Product Quality.

Picked Up Names In Other Areas But Wont Discuss Until Building. I Generally Reg In Areas To Protect Where I Want To Operate. Even Just Operate Mentally Instead Of Commercially. 

Pretty Happy With The Progress Im Making On Divine Decodes And Decoded Light.

Have A Couple Of Things To Add On Decoded Light Soon. And Im Starting To Get A Desire To Maybe Skin And Brand Divine Decodes. Im Also Playing With A Print API. So Maybe Someday In The Future Ani Difranco Will Have A Stream Of Income Seperate From Cursing Us. 

Doing A Little Work With Domain Names To Get Organised On That Front. Just Sorting. I Changed My Reg Strat. And Where I Went Wrong. Firstly My Decoding Wasn’t So Good Then. And I Didn’t Pay Enough Attention To 2nd Year Reg Fees. In Some Respects It Is A Good Strat. Because You Pick Up A Shit Load Of Names At First Year Reg Fees. And Before You Get Hit With Huge Bill. You Can Think, What Do I Really Want To Hold. Even The High Fee Ones. If You Drop 90% And Hold The Quality. You Can End Up Holding Stuff Thats Valuable For What You Are Producing.

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