Dev Update

Just Wanted To Give A Short Dev Update.

Spent The Last Few Nights Working On MasterTeacher.Me

It’s Largely Finished Now.

What Is It? So You Jump On Youtube. Do Some Some Teaching. Find Out It’s Run By A Head Sick Jew Pig Cult.

And Then You Kind Of Lament The Work You Have Done Is Lost. Or You Don’t Have That Outlet Anymore.

Turns Out. Building A Simple Video Hosting Platform Is Easy. I Have On My To Do A Post For DigitalMarketing.TV To Teach You How To Do It.

The Media I Have On There Now Is Crap. Old Shit. I Was Almost Reluctant To Publish It. 

But I Managed To Backdate It. And It’s Interesting For Me To Review Old Topics I Talked About And Have A Frame Of Reference For Dates Times Etc.

Anyways In Short Its My Youtube Teaching Platform Clone. Cheap And Easy To Build. Cheap To Maintain. Not Operated By A Head Sick Cult.

I Will Use It To Maybe Drop A Teaching Video Every Few Weeks. Try And Step Up My Teaching Game. And Maybe As A Starting Point Do A Few Videos To Compliment Some Of The Deep Occult Teaching I Have Published As Text / Image Teachings. 

Now That I Have Cashed That Cheque Of Building Something I Promised. Actually I Spoke About Building Master Teacher Many Years Ago. Now I Can Announce A New Project Over The Next Few Days. I’m Only Going To Announce 1 And Then Do Something Else Once I Moved A Little More Pixel.

Thought Id Give A Short Job Update Here As Well. I Have Been Meaning To Do A Garden Update But Decided To Start Doing Them On Permaculture.TV Once Built.

So I Did A Job Interview A Few Weeks Back. It Was A Landscaping Job. I’d Be Happy To Do That Work. But I Reckon 5 Days A Week Would Probably Take All Of My Energy. Maybe I’ll Find Something Like That Part Time. I’m Not Super Hung Up On Doing Tech IT Consulting Work Anymore. I Don’t Need Huge Money At The Moment. So Id Be Happy To Work Outside. Im Generally Happier Doing That. Don’t Need Corporate Office Politics And I Can Satisfy All Of My Digital Career Ambitions Doing My Own Stuff Online. So First I Decided To Not Look For Work. Then I Decided To Just Look For An Average Joe Job A Few Days A Week. Then Do My Work The Rest Of The Time. 

Thats All Y’all, Look Out For The New Project Announcement Coming Soon. I Have A Backlog Of Stuff To Announce.

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