DD / DL Update

Just A Short Update On These Projects.

Have Added A Task List To /dev On Both Projects And Will Keep Prod Tasks Public.

Im Due To Do A Big Clean Up On Decoded Light, It’s A Mess. Really Happy To Have Used One Of The Technology Concepts There Recently. One More I Have Promised To Come Soon.

On Divine Decodes Im Due To Update All Of Our Private Alphabet Keys. So That Changes I Have Made To Reads Can Be Referenced. I Have Changed Quite A Few Of My Reads.

Im Going To Be Making Our Read Types Private Also And Just Teach From Time To Time How We Read Certain Things. And Then Keeping Detailed Descriptions Of Our Read Types For Future Coding Purposes.

It’s Interesting, I Only Started Publishing Our Alphabet Keys When I Hit Siam Some 10 Months Ago.

They Are Not Public Anymore, But They Are Indispensable To Me. And You Guys Get The Reads In Almost All Posts We Create.

As Far As Value For Me As An Undertaking And A Project That I Just Decided To Do in My Spare Time When Traveling, Absolutely Priceless And A Valuable Project As Far As Internal Searching And Understanding Goes. I’ve Shown You That The Creator Has Shown Me There Was A Time I Was Beneath The English Alphabet. I’m Surely Climbing Above It. And Working On Different Cultures Pictographs And Alphabets. 

Just A Week Ago I Decided To Build A List Of Race Decodes. They Are Light Work. We Are Publishing Them Quickly. But I Think The Wisdom Is Going To Be Equally Indispensable As We Speak About Different Lands And Peoples. 

Hoping To Bring More Innovations And Intelligence Concepts To These Projects Soon.


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