DD/DL Dev Update

Hey Yall,

This Is What Im Thinking About Doing With DD / DL.

We Said A Few Weeks Ago, Like You Guys Don’t Support This? Why Do It?

No Real Indication That You Still Want It Done Or Need It.

Truth Is, The Stuff Im Building, Not Only Do I Build It. I also Utilise It Myself And Find It Powerful.

So Here Is What Im Thinking.

Thinking About Putting Images Live Across Both Sites Again Soon. And Working On Commercial Functionality Such As Print Shop Etc.

With The Other Stuff, When I Said In A Recent Post, The Tech We Are Focused On Is Changing. I Feel Like We Are Building Intelligence Platforms.

Im Thinking About Internalising The Decode Keys And Some Of The Other Intelligence Types Of Posts We Create. A Lot Of The Decode Keys I Have Had Published Before Have Already Changed And I Have Tons More To Create.

Thinking About Keeping It Private. No Indication That External Parties Appreciate Or Value The Teaching We Do in these Areas.

Then We May For Example in the Future Offer API’s That Allow People To Access Our Intelligence Data. An Example Of An Application, Imagine If A Large Platform Like Amazon Could Run Their Products Through Our API And Flag All Products That Showed Cursing Tendencies.

Thats Just An Example, Many Potential Applications.

With The Internalisation Of Some Aspects Of Our Network, One Of Our Big Problems Is Leaks Off My Computer. Bringing Some Stuff internal / local may help me identify where these leaks come from.

With Decoded Light. We Will Also Be Scaling Back What We Share With Some Of The Features There. With The Overall Negative Spirit We Are Treated With By Humanity As A Whole, I Don’t Think We Should Be Sharing Some Of The Gifts We Are Sharing Which In My View If You Understood What We Were Sharing It Is In Cases Profound. I Will Keep Developing Some Of The Technology Concepts On Decoded Light, But Also Possibly Internalise & Privatise Some Of It. So The Paradigm Shift I Was Thinking About Sharing. Im Thinking Harder How Can We Internalise This And Strengthen Our Self, And Like I Said In A Recent Post, Let The Dumb Blood Russian Blew Jews And Low Blood Niggers Keep Slippin. Conceal More Instead Of Being So Transparent. Its Not The Spirit With Which We Commenced Our Work But I Guess We The Learn The Hard Way.

Umm…..Final Thoughts.

Thinking About Producing A Small Video Series On – What is Shining?

Would Be Maybe 3 – 5 Background Videos That Would Be Precursors To Shining. And Then Direct Focus On the Topic.

Keep In Mind, The Answers Or Detail On These Topics Are Not Things We Have Tried To Conceal. Realistically These Are Topic I Have Discovered, Learned And Taught By Myself And The Answers And Deep Realities Pertaining To Them Are Only Just Starting To Come To Me.

More Soon.


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