You People Think Im A Cunt But Its Not As Simple As That.

You People Think Im A Cunt. It’s Not Really Like That.

What People Think. Is That Stu Travels To Thailand. Stu Doesn’t Get What Stu Wants. Stu Lucks Out On Cat. Stu Drops And Breaks His Gold Maneki Neko. Stu Throws His Toys Out Of The Cot. Has A Hissy Fit. And Then Threatens Violence Against Thai People Who You Perceive To Be Innocent & Trying.

It’s Not Like That Unfortunately. Ill Write One Example & One Explanation So You Understand.

You Might Not Be Aware Of This. But One Of The Reasons Our Militaries Left Afghanistan Is Basically Because I Flipped My Shit Out And Told Many Of My Jewish Associates If They Did Not Remove Their Unholy Steel From Our Holy Lands, I Would Drain Their Daughters Blood Bare Handed.

Why Would I Say That? Well I Won’t Cover The Whole History Here. But They Shouldn’t Have Been There In The First place.

So When In Australia, Our Own Doctors, Our Government Practice Occult Murder Against Our Own People By For Example Injecting Us With Saturn Chemicals, How Could I Be Comfortable As A Man Knowing This Same Corrupt Medical & Military Order Are Overseeing Or Responsible For Our Own Blood Family In Afghanistan.

I Had ZERO Confidence And I Can Completely Understand Why The Afghani’s Would Also Seek To Drive Our Pigs From Their Lands With Military Force. Fully Understood. Entirely Forgiven.

So If You Now Compare Afghanistan To Thailand. It’s a Complex Region With Complex Blood Lines.

It’s Not All Thai. It’s Not 100% Siamese. Same As Australia, It’s Not Like Australia is 100% English Despite The Fact They Would Attempt To Convince You Of That.

It’s Evident To Me, That Thailand Is A Land, Who’s Principal Custodians Are Below A Level Fit To Act As Custodians Of The Land.

In Such Circumstances We Need To Take Urgent Action. If Lands That We Have Traditionally Traversed Through Become Overrun With Bad Spirit. We Lose The Ability To Travel There. It Risks Our Relational Exchange With The People Of The Lands. We Possibly Get Blocked From Traveling To Other Places Important To Us. In Short, It’s Not Clever Or Wise To Let Any Lands Become OverRun With Maliciously Spirited Ignorant People Who Venerate Unholy Gods.

The Decisions Despite The Violence I Include In Orders. I Make As Necessary Decisions To At The Very Bare Minimum Maintain Our Presence On The Lands & Make It Clear To Those Overseeing Us That There Are Beings Working Through The Complex Social, Reproductive and Political Decisions That Need To Be Worked Through To Ensure The Continuous Harmonious Energetic Unfolding Of Our Humanity.

So Guys, You Find My Violence Repulsive, You Probably Don’t Even Believe That I Have The Authority To Make Such Calls. I Don’t Like It Either, I Hate Getting Angry And I Hate Subjecting Others To Force. The Fact Of The Matter Is That The Creator Is Going To Listen To Me To Some Extent. At This Point He Also Has Much Invested In Me To Create The Future, He Has To Listen To What Frustrates And Plagues Me.

Anyways I’ll Wrap Up. Hope You Don’t Think I’m Being A Spiteful Cunt Just Trying To Get My Own Way. Fact Is Im Trying To Progress Culture, Politics & Lives Across Lands That Are Mysterious And Complex And Have Very Complex Defensive Systems That Are Sadly Being Used To Bleed And Kill Us, The People They Are Supposed To Protect.

More Soon.


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