Decoding Elon Musk

This Is A Simple Decode.

We Have Just Written A Decode Of TESLA Over On ForeignPolicy.TV

I Said Somewhere Recently That Choosing Etymologies Over Decode Reads.

Is A Complex Choice. And You Don’t Always Know A Creators Intention Or Message.

With Elon Musk, Whatever It Is Has So Much Profile. They Know Every Letter They Are Using. But They Also Probably Imply Meaning With The Etymology.

This Concept Of Etymology Vs Read. With TONY For Example. They Know. And They Mean Both The Etymology And The Read. The Read Is Very Telling With That Name. And Its Part Of A Deep Occultism That They Practice. But So Is The Etymology And In Some Respects They Mean Similar Things.

Here Are The Two Reads With Elon Musk.

ELON: Energy Base Saturn South

MUSK: Divine Compassion Birth Pharaonic Eye Gateway.

So Really What The Message Is With The Name.

Is That If You Are Beneath The Energy And Spirit Of Elon Musk.

If You Buy The Bullshit That He Is Some Type Of Genius.

You Are Beneath The Birthing Of Your Pharaonic Eye. 

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