Movie Decode: The Shining

So So I’m Not Even Going To Do A Read On This One.

I’m Just Going To Kind Of Explain What I Think It Is. 

Check Out Our Movie Decode Of Eyes Wide Shut. 

Kubrick Was Receiving The High Light.

Shining Is An Earlier Lower Gnosis Than Eyes Wide Shut.

They Introduce You To Earlier Occult Concepts.

Thats All I Get From Doing A Quick Decode Read On Shining.

Eyes Why Shut Seems Like A More Aggressive Defence Of The Pharaonic Eye.

As A Side Note.

You Will Notice.

The Shin.
Eyes Wide Shut.
The Masonic SHHHHH Hand Sign.

SH Numerology Is.


One Ascension Infinite.

Quite Compelling.

I Have Added SH To Our Phonetic Defence List. 

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