Movie Decode: Stanley Kubrick

Just Going To Do A Decode On This Name. 

There Is Interesting Stuff In The Name Etymology. But I Kind Of Think The Name Decode Is More Powerful Than The Etymology.

So Kubrick Decodes:

Gateway Birth Divine Physical Death Saturn Energy Eye Dive Gateway.

And Stanley:

Pharaonic Eye Transmutation Divine South Base Energy Father

It’s All About Energising The Eye.

Very Similar To His Movie Title Decodes.

I Figured Id Keep This In The Same Post.

But If You Look At This Film Poster.

They Specifically Use The Names. Just.

Cruise And Kidman. And Also Kubrick Which I Decoded Above.

Cruise Decodes To.

Divine Saturn Energisation Birth Eye Pharaonic Eye Energy.

Kidman Decides To:

Gateway Eye Door Divine Compassion Divine South.

Both Kind Of References To Energising The Eye Or A Gateway To The Middle Eye.

It’s Interesting To Think On These Topics.

We Need To Be Able To Use Alphabets. Words. And Images. And Our Own Beings Transmutation And Pineal Awakening.

To Bring The Light Through From The Creator. 

I Recently Decoded RBA (Reserve Bank Australia). And Said It Was Heavy Material Physical Death. Probably Not The Strongest Decode On My Behalf.

Id Say A Better Decode. Is The Reason There Is A Tranny In The RBA.

RBA Decode: Saturn Energisation Divine Physical Death Divine.

So It Is An Occult Working To Try And Block Out The Energisation Of Our Divine Physical Death.

We Can Use Our Own Summoning And Casting To Enhance Our Own Transmutation Without Letting These Cults Block All Of The Light.

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