Movie Decode: Eyes Wide Shut

The Decode Reads For This Are

Eyes: Energy Father Energy Pharaonic Eye

Wide: Divine Cleansing Eye Doorway Energy

Shut: Pharaonic Eye Defence Birth Transmutation

I Think The Read Speaks For Itself.

It’s Obvious Why They Used Shut Instead Of Open. Open Reads Like A Saturn Shit Pipe Right?

But You Could Read Shut As A Defence Away From The Pharaonic Eye.

Given What It Discloses. I Think Kubrick Which I Will Do A Decode Post On Soon.

Was One Of The High Initiates And Custodians Of High Light. And In This Film They Release Some Of The Realities That Were Transpiring In The Realm At That Time.

SH – Again Which You Might Read As A Defence Against The AI.

I Don’t Think It Is That And Will Touch On This Again When I Decode “Irish”.

In Summary The Movie Title Speaks Of:

The Energisation, Cleansing And Defence Of The Pharaonic Eye Or Divine Eye.

Very Occult. Very Important. The Cleansing Element Relates To The Deep Disclosure Of The Spirit Of Certain Organisations And Groups On Earth.

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