How’s Media Cold Turkey Going

I Haven’t Looked At The Mainstream Media For Months Now. 

I Haven’t Looked At BBC For Months. Which Is Relieving. 

It’s A Worthless Turd.

The Most Important Thing I Wanted To Tell.

I Do Still On Occassion Hit Those URLs. 

But They Are All Blocked Out.

Across 4 Browsers.

But Overall Im Starting To Hit Them Less.

The Habit Is Dying.

The Most Powerful Thing That Is Happening.

In The Morning When I Wake Up.

I Have Just Lost The Urge. To Say. What’s In The News?

Some Mornings I Still Think It. But After I Do I Just Say, Fuck It.

Not Interested In What Bullshit They Are Pumping Our.

You Have To Make Your Own News.

People Need To Know That They Use The News To Try Block Your Light. 

It’s Worth Going Cold Turkey. 

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