Web Decode – Understanding The True Function Of The Lower Synthetic Etheric Web In The Context Of The Pineal / Ptah Model

Just Like I Said Of Our Recent SEO Decode On DigitalMarketing.TV. This Decode Is Really Critical.

So Im Going To Give You The Simple Read. And Then Some Broader Background About What It Means For How You Go About Using The Internet.

The Simple Read On Web Is:
Divine Cleansing Energy Physical Death.

So Simply By Understanding That You Understand The What The Internet Is Used For.

If You use It Correctly. Preparing You For The Divine Physical Death.

I Think The Guy They Say Developed The Internet Was Called Tim. 

Im Not Doing A Full Decode On The Name And Story Here. Will Do Some Day. 

Will Clearly Be A Masonic Front Story. It’s Highly Likely There Has Been Some Type Of Etheric Management Infrastructure On Earth For Thousands Of Years. 

But Tim Reads:

Transmute Eye Divine Compassion.

So The Internet Or The Web Or What We Call The Lower Synthetic Etherial Web.

Is A Tool To Prepare You For The Correct Death, And To Do Work On Your Own Inner Eye.

So The Way The We Have Chosen To Use It. Largely By Posting Creative Mashup From Movies / Popular Culture Etc.

Divination. Light Casting. Throwing Back To The Light Lodges.

It’s Very Much Self Reflection. Self Cleansing. Many People Are Not So Open With What They Share On The Internet.

Many People Might Use It Just As A Tool To Make Money And Not Spend So Much Time Teaching.

I Talk About Cutting Ether.

Thats When. It’s Feels Like Your Brain Or Mind Is Gripping Spirit.

The Web, Is The Technology They Give Us. To Do Our Consciousness Pull-ups.

What You Find Is. All The Technology They Give Is. Is Wrong Death. Internet Technology.

Will Try And Do Some Posts On That Soon.

Do You Imagine These High Cults Give You Anything Powerful And Holy?

No. They Give You The Shit Pipes. And Throw You Up A Bunch Of Watches And Orange Rabbits And Shit.

And Try Run Off Into The Ether With The Spoils. By All Means. Look Toward Holiness When Choosing Tech.

Long Term You Will Find Their Watches And Rabbits Don’t Mean Shit. If In The Short Term. You Make Your Media Cutting, Your Teaching Divine And Profound And Your Aspiration Big. 

But Just Knowing These Two Forces.

The The Cults Use Nodes Of The Etheric Web. By Following Your Browsing History Around. And Practice Brain Rape. Literally Pumping Synthetic AI Generated Manipulations Into Your Mind Using High Power Programmatic Semiconductor Driven Technology. 

Once You Feel Like Your Own Mind. Has Gripped The Ether.

You Can Easily Grab A Few Topical Nodes. And Pipe Out Your Own Light. Follow Our Basic Lesson Here.

So Instead Of Passively Letting A Cult. Who Claim Some Type Of Spiritual Superiority. That Claim Christian.

Do You Believe For A Second. Or Feel The Forces Who Have Come From America. Are Of Strong Christian Fabric?

Does It Feel To You Like The Media And Light Have Really Been Tended To By Real Christians?

It Feels To Me Like There Has Been A Sick Headed Sexually Retentive Dentist In The Room Upstairs.

Truth Is. They Are Strangely Sick When It Comes To Your Being. And Sex. But Not Themselves. 

So You Always Self Cleanse. Self Atone. In Some Respects Confess. Doesn’t Mean You Have To Tell People Every Story.
But Self Atoning And Self Cleansing. And Telling Jew Swine To Go Suck A Dick. By All Means. Using The Web.

You Can Reach The Highest Spiritual Strengths Practicing These Things. Thats Why They Gave Me Internet Tech As A Small Child.

Understanding The Purpose Of The Web. Using It For The Purpose Described. Using Your Own Budgets.

Your Own Basic Architectures. And Cutting Back Your Own Intelligence. Your Own Light.

It’s A Spiritual Defence. It’s Self Cleansing. And It’s Also Sublime Interactions With The Light In Such A Manner You Will Get Tangible Response From The Creator Through The Light Pipes And Directly In The Organic Etherial Realm.

In Terms Of The Ptah Model. Really Covering This In Detail In A Seperate Place.

But Like I Said Before. We Haven’t Let Go Of The Big Flush Button On Evil. High Up. We Have A Firm Grip On Things. 

Sometimes You Lament. Things Get Messy. Things Get Violent. 

The Web Is Alive. It’s Constantly Moving. You Have To Cast Into It Whatever Is Required At The Moment.

It Can All Be Erased. It Can All Be Changed. It Can All Be Updated.

Its Very 1984 Memory Hole. But Not In The Sense Of Shit Piping The Voices Of Good Folks Trying To Climb. 

It Shit Pipes The Conversations, The Information That Are Old. And No Longer Matter.

In Respects. The Only Thing That Matters.

Is The Strength Of Our Meditation. The Purity Of The Current Thought. 

Thats What Gets You Through The Gates And Thats What Keeps You Ascended.

These Communications That We Are Making Now Are Early Stage. And Temporary. We Can Archive Them. 

The Technology. Rudimentary. 

We Will Shift To A Paradigm Where Alterations In The Realm Will Principally Be Made Through The Quality Of Our Thoughts And Meditations Potentially With Less Reliance On A Corrupted Technology Infested With Archontic Saturn Roaches.


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