Qantas Decode

This Is An Easy Short Decode Guys.

Break In The Office Of The Divine South Transmutation Divine Pharaoh Eye. 

Thats How I Read It With The Mirror Read On S.

So Just Like We Said. A Bunch Of Inverts Took Over And Got Some Free Masonry.

A Bunch Of Inverts Took Over The Light Transmutation Tech And Use It Violently Against Us.

There Is An Occultism About Flying. I Wouldn’t Use It To Stop Flying All Together. Its Really Nice To Get Out And Explore The World. But Most Importantly Get The Spirit Flowing Through You.

Qantas Is Basically Cult Trying To Stop Positive Light Energy Flowing Toward Our People. Poison The Living Waters.

What You Find Is That There Are People Working Much Higher Up Transmitting Truth Into The Waters. The Mind Parasite That Tries To Use Technologies Our People Developed Against us Will Be Eliminated In Time.  

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