Fraser Decode

I’m Just Going To Do A Quick Decode On Fraser And Tell You Why They Are Trying To Change The Name. 

It’s Not Really Research On The Family Name. That’s A Different Story I Havan’t Explored That Much.

But If You Look At The First 3 Letters. Its FRA Same As France, Same As Frank.

So I’ll Just Decode That First.

So The F Is 6 Like Hexagon. So Its Your Material Structure.

R Is Saturn Energisation.

And Then A Is Divine.

I Read F As Corrupt Energy. But, Food Also Has Corrupt Energy. My Read On That Might Change Just As R And S Changed.

But It’s Really Your Heavy Suppressive Material Energy. 

So Fraser Is Relating To The Heavy Energisation And Feeding Of The Pharaonic Eye.

So Kgari, Just Not As Compelling. I’m Not Trying To Shit On It. And I Said Dual Naming Doesn’t Offend Me If That Means Something To People.

But You Could See Why They Would Want To Try And Bury Fraser. It’s Probably Also At A Phonetic Level. Because Where Ever The Word Comes From. It’s Probably An Occult Phonetic Invocation Of Eye Energisation.

When We Went There As Kids. They Took To See. I Think It’s Called The Valley Of The Giants. Massive Trees.

A Real Serious Occult Message As To The Nature Of The Beast That Attacks Us.

So You Kind Of Get A Sense Why Something Wants To Delete That Name. It’s A Powerful Letter Combination.

There Is Very Interesting Scottish History Behind The Name. And Again. Bitter Resentful Forces May Want To Delete That.

But Im More Interested In The Word And Letter Combination As A Phonetic Invocation. 

It Points To An Objective They Don’t Want Us Achieving.

Best Hide It Hey?

We’ll Keep Fraser Island Alive. 

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