Decoding Wine

This Is A Fairly Simple Decode. 


Cleansing Eye South Energy.

So Its Similar To Cannabis.

Cannabis Has A Big Impact On The Eye.

And It’s A Compressional Or Purging Substance.

Wine Is The Same. Every Couple Of Weeks I’ll Drink A Bottle Of Red. 

I Can Generally Drink A Bottle Of Red And Not Be Hung Over The Next Day. 

It Feels Like A Resetting of The Mind. 

Because It’s Compressional.

Like Many Things. Its A Moderate Relaxant And Has Cleansing Effect.

In Some Ways It’s Medical. Don’t Become A Wino.

But Also, The Faggots That Think This Stuff Doesn’t Have A Purpose And A Place. 

Once Again.

You Know By What The Letters Teach You. 

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