Decoding The Magic Mirror And Amenti

These Decodes Are Really Interesting Stuff.

I’ll Start With Just Amenti – The Hall Of Mirrors – A Realm That Precedes A’Aru In Egyptian Mythology.

Amenti Reads: Divine Divine Compassion Energy South Transmutation Eye.

So Amenti Seems Like A Realm Where Energy Is Channeled Down Into The Eye. 

Then, Magic, You Know I Like The Decode Of Magic.

Magic Reads: Divine Compassion Divine Gnosis Eye Divine

Mirror – Divine Compassion Divine Saturn Energisation Saturn Energisation Saturn Saturn Energisation

So Magic Is A Divine Gnosis Process. 

And Both Amenti And Mirror Are Heavily Related To Energisation Of The Eye. 

So As Your Consciousness Ascends. You Come Across All Kinds Of Demons And Ghoulies. Who Try And Shit In your Eye.

Blocking Out Shit Media Is One Solution. Focusing on Your Own Meditation.

I Also Throw Out For Divine Response And Feedback, This Post Being An Example.

And The Response I Got From This, Was Not Just Across Digital Light Channels. Its Was Also Within The Natural Realm And I Became Much Wiser As To The Nature And Intention of That Person.

But Bouncing Light Off Of Mirrors, Self Reflection. Showing Others Their Reflection. Bouncing Light Around The Realm. 

Is A Very Powerful Way To Get To New Natural Light. New Divine Downloads.

New Gnosis. 

You Will Find That As You Ascend. There Are All Kinds Of Monkeys Trying To Play This Mirror Game With You.

Like I Said In Jail In Manilla. They Tried But Just Came Across As A Bunch Of Blue Blood Monsters.

We Just Had Two Scummy Local People In Our Home Trying To Play Mirror Games. They Just Came Across As Lying Low Bloods. When You Have Natural Mirror Experiences With Ethereal Entities You Will Know It.

Anyways That Is The Decode Of Amenti And Magic Mirror.

A Realm And Practice You Can Use The Energise The Middle Eye. 

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