Decoding King Vs Pharaoh

This Is Just A Short Simple Decode. And It’s Going To Follow On With Another Decode Or Lesson On Related Topics.

So King Reads: Gateway Eye South Gnosis.

So People That Have Reached The Level Of King And Have Been Crowned.

Keep In Mind The Crown Is A Heavy Piece Of Metal With Gems In It.

But Its The Achievement Of A Status Of Low Eye Gnosis. You Are Judged And Perceived As Being Blind.

Maybe Thats Why We Have So Many Stories Of Kings Being Killed?

Thats King. Pharaoh is A Little More Complex But Seems Like A Higher Status.

Pharaoh: Saturn Defence Divine Saturn Energisation Divine Saturn Defence. 

In Some Respects It Is A Difficult Thing To Read.

But The Impression I Get From The Read Is That The Pharaoh Is Obligated To Defend Against Death.

I Wrote Recently Somewhere That As You Get Older, You Start Thinking Less Of, I Want To Do Something So That I Can Buy Something For Myself – To Thinking. I Want To Do This Project Or Work This Job Because I Think This Is What Needs To Be Done.

One Of The Areas I Will Be Making An Announcement On Soon And We Have Already Said We Want To Work In The Area. Is The Development Of Technical Platforms That Protect Food Supply And Quality. 

We Already Operate Platforms That Play A Key Role In Medical Security.

So That Seems What Pharaoh Is. It’s Like It Was The One That Challenged And Destroyed The Low Blood Death Cults.

It’s Very Different From King. Which Is Ultimately A Low Position In Our Society For Someone That Has Been Tested To Be Compliant And Low Consciousness. 

That’s Why They Say All The European Monarchies In All European Nations That Have Them Are Trannies And Inverts.

Because They Put In Place People With Bad Eyes To Deceive People With Bad Eyes.   

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