Centrelink Decode

Guys Im Going To Update You On Work And Stuff Soon.

Want To Drop You These Simple Decodes.


The Australian Welfare / Government Service Agency. 

Central Park In The USA Means Like Your Core Is Parked.

Centre Link In Australia. 

Simple Decode =

Decode The Word Link:
Base Eye South Gate. 

So. Core Body / Core Spine. Centre Eye. Send To Base South Gate.

Shit Pipe. 

Last Point. My Reference Number For This Service Reads.

186H (Last Didgits)

As In 1 Infinite Suppression Defence.

So Hella Occult. 

Same Like I Said In Manila. Clocks Read Infinite Suppression. Pigs Practiced Infinite Abuse.

These People Are Not Running A Government. They Are Running A Bizarre Cult.

It Seems If You Choose To Be Alive You become Part Of Different Systems.

I Don’t Want To See A World Without Social Support Systems. I Just Believe That If You Are Custodian Of All Of The Lands Resource. You Could Tangibly Build A Decent System That Doesn’t Seek To Kill People. 

Anyways Kind Of Strange. I Can’t Imagine If They Wont Put Me On The Welfare System That They Will Be Able To Tax Me Anymore. 

You Can See From This. There Are Things They Are Shit Scared About Coming Out To The Surface.

They Are Scared Of The Swastika.
They Are Scared Of Shining.
They Are Scared Of Divinity.
They Are Scared Of The 1.
They Are Scared Of The B.
They Are Scared Of The S.

Taking Shining For Example. Like A Classic Super Popular Film. You Think People, Even Youngsters Ain’t Gonna Watch It. Have Like Shining Pyjama Party Night. And Think. What The Hell Is That About? Of Course They Are.

Simple Decodes For This Post. Governments Don’t Fund Social Services. They Man An Occult Murder Pipe.

Going To Write An Update About Work Searching Soon. 

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