Why Do Negros Pick Cotton?

Meditated On This For Years. Why Why Why?

And It’s Easy To Understand.

The Niggers Don’t Understand The Nature Of Themselves. And They Resort To A Whole Bunch Of Other Shit To Try And Get By. Other Than. Figuring Out What They Are. They Serve Dark Forces. They Uphold Ancient Curses.

They Should Figure Out Who They Are And Play Their Part. And It Doesn’t Have To Be Boring. And It Doesn’t Have To Be Compliant.

But Being A Brick In The Wall Of An Ancient Energetic Curse.

Wrong Part. Nigz.

So I Figured This Out Right Around The Time The Penny Dropped On The Phonetic Pattern Of Ton.

As In Elton John. 


So The Creator Sees The Negro, Not Understanding Its Nature.

Not Understanding How To Channel Its Energies.

And A Long Time Of This. Puts It In Front Of Something Pure And White.

And Of The Same Nature. Ton.

Sub Saturn Beast. Like Otter.

And Says. Take A Good Look At This. This Is How You Should Be. A Soft And White And Pure Sub Saturn Beast. 

I Have Told You I Decode. Black. Negro. Nigger. Ebony. 

Again The Message Isn’t White Rich Black Poor. White Prosper Black Poor.

The Message Is, Can You Learn To Excerpt Your Energy To Be In Harmony With The Ascending Tribes? Can You Learn To Identify That Evil Force And Reject It When It Comes Calling.

The Creator Won’t Necessarily Dish You Out A Beating If You Get It Wrong. But Will Put You In A Reflection Situation. 

It’s Nothing To Do With Evil White Slave Drivers.

Do Negroes Still Pick Cotton? Not Sure. Guess They Have Machines For That Now.


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