Lesson: Why Break Curses?

Vlad Navigator

You might Ask the question about our work, why would you even want to search around and break curses and root our blackness.

It’s like this. Imagine you were on a Sail Boat with Vlad, and your captain or navigator or whatever it’s called is warning you about what’s coming up ahead. Not that we really need A Russian Navigator. I bet Our Navigational And Triangulation Technologies are better than your average Russian Cunt Anyways.

But When you are travelling places there can be dangers ahead.

Here Are Some Examples.

There are also many geographical regions that are primarily inhabited by Team Yellow & Team Brown. Who although we have long historical relationships with, they don’t always think the right way about us.

If my cartographical and navigational skills are correct. There are on this earth islands with Niggers. Black People. Negros. Knee Grows. Some of whom are Armed. With Steel. Why would we want to direct our vessel towards a location full of Black People armed with steel and poor judgement on the appropriate use of that Steel? Sounds like a stupid move.

I’ll teach you now A concept Im going to repeat in a Few Places. Because it’s Critical.

We Talk about Saturn A lot in our work. You should know that term by Now. Well..So you Know. Saturnian Occultism is EVERYWHERE. Everywhere you look. Every Letter. Every Colour. There is something to learn about Saturn. It’s actually quite a low occultism.

We have been talking to you a lot about Death. As in. Good Death. Bad Death. Right Death. Wrong Death. Physical Death. Literal Death.
Same with this topic. EVERYWHERE your Creator is trying to teach you about these things.

So we pull out and break curses, media projection with Bad Spirit, all kinds of stuff that we find to be potentially dangerous for our people, before we sail directly into it. For example I spent 3 months in San Sanfricisco some years ago. I felt fairly safe. But now It’s not an exciting Idea to travel through America. Why travel through a place full of monsters with guns?

Think about which way you are travelling first and prepare your safety before going.

As Far As The Nigger Curse Goes. These Niggers would have us believe that they They Don’t Initiate Into Gangs. That they don’t have histories of deep tribal cursing against us. That in their Music, movie and media work, they don’t knowingly engage in deep cursing against us. It’s all bullshit. They do it all knowingly. With intent. And they pocket whatever they can when feeding on our flesh.

So What I teach you About Saturnianism and Physical Death being EVERYWHERE. If you want to See the Nigger Curse. Do This.

Get on to the internet. Youtube. Any Video Site. Find Black People.

Every Single Black person that you look at. Will be a Negro that:
– Has not invested enough time in studying the culture and history of the peoples who’s land they live in.
– Has Insufficient Consideration or respect for the Caucasians they live amongst. They are mocking you and they think it’s funny.

And when you call them out all you get in response is ‘Yeah Thats me Curse Nigger. I’m the Curse Nigger.’

But That’s not what they are supposed be. Which We will get to outlying exactly what they are supposed to be doing soon. But it’s not running around like a pack of filthy Niggers cursing and hexing our blood. Those Particular Niggers. Dead Niggers. Literal Death Niggers. Box in the Earth Niggers.

We plan for a long and prosperous future. I see the Nigger Curse Everywhere. We will also call out Inappropriate, dangerous and mean spirited conduct of African Men and African Communities until they are raising their own families to a sufficient enough level.

As far as our participation Time is Up for Graceful Communications with Black Communities. They should be prepared themselves for where we are going by now.


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