Why Are All Of Your Celebrity Musicians Skeletal Inverts? (My What Long Arms You Have!)

I Have Kind Of Touched On This Before.

It Relates To The Meaning Of The Term Freemartin.

The Freemartin Is A Hormonally Imbalanced Compliant Dumb Beast.

The Skeletal Invert Will Be Pineal Neutered. So Less Propensity To Take Telephone Calls And Facsimile Messages. Less Ability To Travel In Time. Less Willingness To Fight Evil Forces. It’s A Bob Geldof Beast That The Cults And Corporates Can Easily Control.

The Priests Of Old, Knew That The Greatest Strength Came From Sincere Relationships With God.

Things Like The Divine Physical Death. Which I Have Previously Taught You. That Along With Concepts Like Saturnism Is Taught And Conveyed To Us Almost EVERYWHERE Your Eyes Look.

It’s A Divine Strength They Simply Don’t Want You Having. Because It Gives You Really Strong Abilities To Structure The Universe In A Divine Way.

So They Crank Up The Invert Factory. Give Them All The Musical Gear, Money, TV Exposure, Internet Abilities They Need. And Rape The Holy Blood Until The End Of Time.

If You Look At Ani Difranco Topics, Its All Abortion And Voting And Ass Backwards Shit Which They Know Well Is Not What They Should Be Teaching.

What Do They Really Use Abortion For? Money Raping Holy Blood Families And Aborting Their Babies. They Wont Abort An Invert.

So They Hijack The High Elemental Light Transmutation Architecture And Use It To Promote Inverts And Vicky Ziegler Masons. Poisoning The Spirit Realm With Energetic Abuse Technology.

You Will Notice They Always Try And Use The Transmutation Tech To Big Up Or Protect Or Defend Their Own 666 Cult Initiates. It Seems Like Dumb Thinking. Try Accessing The Transmutation Tech You Get By Being A Decent Natural Human. Im Really Pleased With The Media Outcomes We Are Achieving Because I Guarantee You Millions Of Australians And People All Over The World Are Looking Down Going THIS SHIT IS BENT. They Knew Something Was Wrong, They Just Didn’t Know How Truly Sick Media Is. We Are Really Waking Folks Up.

Thats Why All Of Your Favourite Artists Are Inverts.

Snoop Dogg. Wiz Khalifa. Ani Di FrankO. The List Is Long. Because The Realm Is So Corrupt It Is Likely Holy Births Are The Minority.

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