What We Think About Travelling Armed.

Most of the time I don’t think I really need it. 

In most countries I think a good steel brolly would see me through most places.

But Carrying a box cutter or 2 is really helpful. 

As I Was walking north toward Sara I was passing through a really dark area passing through an ascending mountain area. There must have been about 10 dogs around this long bend. So I keep the steel in my hand. 

Even as you extend the blade, the dogs will back up. They hear it. They ain’t stoopid. The don’t wanna play slicey dicey with Stueena Dominianos. They wanna play catch.

But when there are 10 dogs going u at once, I pull the blade. I’ll bark back at the dogs in equal measure. Because barking is saturning your physical death. Then I waggle my steel like a motherfucker.

The Dogs Don’t Even Come Close. 

So I guess If I ever travelled to a place like Los Angeles California I wouldn’t take a gun. 

Maybe Just A Brolly And A Crisp Blade or 2.

So Dat The Local Doggie Dogs Know.

That if they keep up with all the barking and the hollering and a hooting.

Stueena gonna Bank ya. Shank ya. With Muh Fuckin Shank If I Have Ta.

They Pranksters. Studio Gangsters. Busters. But This Time They Dealin Wit Some REAL MotherFuckers.


Nigga Please. 

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