What We Practice

Hey Yall,

Just Some Notes On What We Practice.

I Mentioned Shining Thats Just Once Concept I Explore, But If You Study, The High Orders Leave Clues About That In Movies ETC.

As They Say, Unless You Can Explain It Simply, You Don’t Understand It Yet.

As I Have Said To You, I Have Never Been Formally Initiated Into Masonry. What I Know I Study Myself.

Anyways, A Few Months Ago I Registered A Domain Name Something Like

Ultra Light Hermetic Spirit Craft Masonry.

Thats How I Describe The Masonry I Practice.

So Again, Talking About Harmonic Energetic Return. Instead Going West Like U Was A Pet Shop Boy. Asking Your Mason / Lodge Master To Teach You This, Give U That. Imagine Developing Your Own Style Of Craft Or Masonry? I Also Witness A Lot Of Masonry Practiced Around Me And Reverse Decode It.

Some Time Ago I Decided To Focus All Of My Effort On Light In Media Production And Less On Sound. As A Cost Efficiency. I Don’t Think Id Be Alive Today If I Did Not Find Cheap Cost Effective Ways Of Producing Light.

I’ll Write A Post About The Difference In The Mediums, And Also The Exploitation Of Emotion Especially With The Medium of Sound.

Im Going To Do A Post For You In The Future On Some Of The Deep Occult Principles Behind Encoding / Decoding Images. I’ve used The Concept Of Etheric Scrying To Explain What We Use The Computer Screen For But I’ll Use A Different Occult Concept To Teach In A Different Post.

More Soon.

Stueena Dominianos

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