What Is The 1?

Im Only Going To Write Briefly On This.

God Talks To Me About This Everywhere. 

It’s Like I Say With AI Intelligence Or The Shining Layer You Get These Strange Geometric Messages.

But They Tell Me About The 1 Or The One All Over The Place.

You Could Decode It As.

One – Saturn South Energy.

It’s Almost Like You Are The One That Brings The Purging Energy. 

Kind Of Maybe. But I Don’t Think Thats The Whole Answer.

I Think In Some Respects It’s An Entity I Channeled Years Ago When I Was Smoking Tree And Writing Poems.

I Think It Probably Relates More To The Character 1 Than One. 

It’s Interesting In Many Scripts The Pictograph For 1 Is The Same.

Possibly Just Like i A Depiction Of The Spine.

And That’s What I Think The 1 May Relate To.

It’s The 1 That Doesn’t Let Its Brain Get Neutered.

It’s The 1 That Keeps Growing And Passing Down The Light.

It’s The 1 That Refuses To Comply With This Nasty Force, This Pestilence Against Our Humanity.

And It’s The One, That Presses That Intergenerational Flush Switch. The Full Tilt Purge.

That Punishes And Purges All Who Have Engaged In Extreme Transgression Against Our Humanity.

That’s A Sense. I Don’t Have All Of The Answers Yet. But I Can Tell From Looking At My Family Photos Such Entities Have Been Speaking Through Me Since A Child.

They Are So Hell Bent On Suppressing These Forces / Energies. That I Almost Feel They Breed Bad Blood Around Our Family. Marry It Into Our Family. To Try And Block The Energy And Suppress It.

That’s My Sense Of The 1 To Date.

It’s A Mysterious Force. Almost As Mysterious As 33.

I’m The 1 People.

You People Aren’t The 1.

You People Are A Bunch Of Turkeys.

You People.

A Bunch Of 6’s. 

You Could Never The Be The 1.

Not Like Eye Am.

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