Understanding The Occultism In Light Transmutation Using Examples From Siam.TV

Just Wanted To Write Up A Post About The Complexity In Light Transmutation Using An Example From Siam.TV

Basically Looking Back At The Videos. I Can See Heaps Of This Occult Transmutation Activity That Was Happening In My Life Before I Was Conscious If It.

Forces Trying To Transmute Me Up To Better Health, More Wisdom.
And Forces Trying To Block The Energetic Transmutation.

So Check Out These Two Videos.

You Might Think….Nothing So Sinister. Just Advertising A Bar Nightclub.

Anyways While I Was Travelling In Asia This Time. I Contacted The Dude Who Did Those Videos. And Asked Him If He Had Photos Of An Old Girlfriend. He Was Real Strange About It. Real Cuntish.

So I Posted This.

Thats The Two Brothers. And I Got Some Strange Abusive Emails Back After Posting This Pic.

Ne Ways Here Are Those Videos.

But The Occultism I Want To Teach You. Like I Don’t Even Know If They Would Be Aware Of The Depth Of The Occultism. The Guys That Produced The Videos. Sometimes People Are Just Briefed On What To Produce And Not Told The Detail.

But Q Bar.

Basically Reads.

Break In The Office Of The Divine Physical Death Divine Saturn Energisation.

They Are Trying To Block The Energisation Of The Pineal And The Divine Physical Death.

You Have To Be Conscious With All Media. There Is A Chance People Are Putting Stinky Light In Front Of You. And Blocking Your Ability To Grow Into Natural Light. Blocking Your Ability To Ascend. Into The Divine Light.

It’s Very Sinister.

I Speak About That In This Post, Either You Bless Or Curse People With Light.


I Don’t Mind Throwing Stink Back At Evil Cunts That Curse Us And Run Off Into The Ether Thinking It Will Never Come Back At Them. It Will For Sure Guaranteed.

But On The Whole, My Works In Siam And Nepal For Example. We Didn’t Run Around And Say We Are Going To Drop A Bunch Of Shit Light On These Peoples Heads, And Fuck Them In The Brain With Temporal Time Stamp Abuse And Then Block Out Their Relationship With God And Them Try And Get Them To Ascend Into A Bad Death.

Like Most Of Corporate Media Is Trying To Do To Us.

Thats Real Bad Form To Use Media Like That To Try And Fuck Over A Peoples And Their Lands.

Anyways, Interesting To See It Looks Like That Q Bar Has Shut Down. And That Dodgy Indian That Was Ratting On Me For Weed – Out Of Business As Well. You Have To Try And Find A Decent Purpose Other Than Conspiring On People And Blocking Energy.

Why Are People So Unkind?

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