Understanding The Narrative Of Alexander The Great

Like I Have Recently Said About The King James Bible And King James Charles Stuart. It Is An Occult Hermetic Alchemical Narrative. And The Bible is An Occult Hermetic Writing.

Alexander the Great Is The Same.

Im Sure In Our History, We Have Had Armies And Warriors Who Have Had To Stomp Evil Yellow Monsters On The Roberto Bonce.

But The Most Valuable Knowledge Is In The Occult Arts. Knowing God. Knowing Divine Command. Alchemy. Hermetics. Masonry. Blah Blah Blah.

So The Key To Understanding Alexander the Great is In Decoding The Word Great.

First Decode Alex. The Decode Read Is Interesting And Telling. Im Sure You All Know The Name Etymology.

But Great Reads.

Gnosis Saturn Energy Divine Transmutation.

So It’s A Narrative By Which They Use To Transmute Our Men Up Into Physical Strength. Into A Correct Knowledge Of History. Into A Knowledge Of The Peoples Who Surround Us. Into Our Ancient Languages And Religions. Into Our Occult Mystery Practices Etc Etc.

Maybe Not A Literal Narrative. I Think The Deathbed Words Are Telling. The Person Who Will Replace Him Will Be The Strongest. Not Meaning The One That Can Kick The Most Head. But One That Can Understand The True Nature Of The Realm And The Malicious Force In It And Defeat It.

Thats Alexander the Great. Enjoying Studying It Just As The KJV.

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