The Occultism Behind The Pentagram & Inverted Pentagram

So I Have Been Meaning To Get Across This Topic.

I Think It’s Important.

There Is A Masonic Order Called Order Of The Eastern Star That Uses An Inverted Pentagram.

It’s Generally Considered Or Named Satanic. Which Is Off Putting For Your Average Christian.

It’s Kind Of Like Understanding The Concept Of Inversion In Magic. Which I Represent Just By Flipping Shit Upside Down. 

I Have 3 Takes On The Inverted Pentagram.

1. Looking Down From Above.

This Model Just Kind Of Occurred To Me. The Material Realm. The Standard Pentagram. With Spirit Pointing Up. And The Lower Elementals Making The Other Parts Of The Pentagram. But Obviously We Transcend Material. But What Happens When We Make It. It’s Almost Like The Pentagram States That The Path To Spirit Is Up. Sure.

Some Christian Boffins Speculate There is A Hard Firmament Made Out Of A Ultra Hard Glass Matter. That Sounds Like An Enclosed System. Not What We Are Proposing. We Are Proposing Infinite.

So It’s Important To Contemplate On What It Looks Like When You Are Above The Pentagram. Or Above Saturn. Above The Black And White. Above Material. I Think A Reasonable Suggestion Is That It’s An Inversive Force. So One Pentagram Pointing Up, And Above Spirit A Pentagram Pointing Down. Creating Almost A Compressing Force. That Would Be More Like A Model That Would Generate An Infinite Plane. It’s Kind Of Like Coal Into Diamonds. Not ideal In Terms Of Analogies. But Our Being Is Most Likely Subject To Some Type Of Elemental Compression That Keeps Our Flesh Suit Sealed.

So Thats A Kind Of Structural Concept. 

2. Pushing And Pulling Vs Receiving.

This Is More How You Work With The Concept Of The Pentagram As A Being. You Will Notice That The Concept Of The Star, Yeah Its A Reference To Magic. But I Have Tought Before. A Star On The Boulevard Is Not A Positive Connotation. So Why?

When I Did A Picture Of Bella That Was “Big Star” – I Wasn’t Thinking of The Negative Connotation. I Was Actually Trying To Do A Positive Image. But The Reading Back. I Went Oh Damn, Its A Message About How She Has Been. That Happens To Me All The Time. I’ll Just Write From The Heart And Mysterious Shit I Don’t Expect Happens.

But The Creator Feels How Your Body Moves And How You Go About Achieving What You Want.

So The Star Feels More Like Pushing Up. Forcing Magic Into The Realm To Try Achieve Your Ends. Its Almost Like Our Definition Of The Southerly Transmutation. So You Are Pulling Maybe Corrupt Energy Into Your Being, And Using Physical Exertion To Achieve Your Ends. Plus Probably All The Other Shit Like Running Around And Taking Direction From A Cult. Going West.

But Are You Receiving Spirit? Any Inbound Telephone Calls?

If You Stand On Your Spine Like A Man. If You Open The Pineal. You Receive Gods Light.

So Instead Of Having To Crawl Around Like A Roach And Gossip For Direction And Information. Instead Of Cheating And Being Corrupt.

The Wisdom And Direction Comes To You. Instead Of Pushing And Pulling Your Spirit. You Receive And Channel It.

I Believe The Paradigm Masons Use To Illustrate This Is Mining. If You Don’t / Aren’t Receiving Telephone Calls. If You Are Pushing And Pulling Your Spirit. You Are Mining.

Realistically The High Spirit Orders Feel It Of You In Their Being And See It In Your Person. If You Get It Right Or Wrong.

You Can See In The Image Below. They Are Holding The Star Curse Box Picture Frame. They Are In A Submission Posture. And They Are Being Forced To Look At The Inverted Pentagram.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 18: Xzibit, B-Real, DJ Muggs, Sen Dog, Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill, George Lopez, Rana Ghadban and Mitch O’Farrell attend a ceremony honoring Cypress Hill with a star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame on April 18, 2019 in Hollywood, California. Amy Sussman/Getty Images/AFP

3. Forward And Backward. Throwing Up To The Lodges.

Finally. I Had Never Decoded This Until Writing This.

But Before That. I Have Found More Grace From Being A Natural Human Being, Than Being A Vicky Ziegler Lodge Mason.

And One Of The Ways I Feel In My Being. When I Drop An Image Especially. Is That Im Throwing Backwards. Or Casting Back.

Why? Because When You Make An Image. You Draw Down Spirit. You Meditate. You Compose. You Teach Advanced Concepts. And Then You Throw Back To The Elders Or The Higher Spirit Lodges.

I Don’t Entirely Understand Why It Feels Like You Are Throwing Back.

When I Did A Video For My Court Of Light Judgement I Said It Felt Like There Was Someone Standing Behind Me Saying – Hey Look At What He Is Doing With His Hands On That Canopic Jar. 

It’s Almost Like There Is A Divine Spirit Force Behind Us That Can Use Divine Intervention To Correct Situations. Guide Us. Eliminate Evil In Our Path. It’s Like As We Ascend We Embed Ourself In The Spirit Ether. But In That Ether Is An Intelligent Force. Gaia Sofia. Entities That Weave The Spirit Fabric.

Anyways, The Decode Read On Backward. Or Back. It’s A Divine Physical Death, Its Cleansing And It’s Drawing Energy Down. 

Much Nicer Than Forward Which Feels Like South Energy Exertion – Pushing Energy. Mining. 

Thats The Core Concept Of The Pentagram And Inverted Pentagram. The Inversion Is Not Satanic Per Se. It’s The Model Of The Pentagram When You Go Post Saturn And Then Look Back Down At The Material Realm. The Standard Pentagram is The Structure Of The Material World. And As We Ascend Past Matter. We Look Back Down To See The Pentagram Upside Down. 

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