The Masonic North And South. 

So Given That Im A Crafty Cat. I Can’t Just Go Telling You The Answer To The Masonic Mystery Of North And South, East And West. It’s A Little Complex. But Being Honest, Teachers On Youtube Will Straight Tell You The Answers.

A Good Idea, Is Just Hit The KJV Online. And Search Each Compass Point. And Grasp What The Bible Says About Them. That Will Give You Hints. 

Being Honest. What I’m Teaching You Here, Is Actually More Powerful Than The Solution To The Masonic Mystery. That’s The Power Of Decoding. A Lot Of The Saturn Cult News Shit I Cut Through, The Answer Comes From Decoding. A Simple Read. It’s Not The Only Secret To Cutting Through Occult Shit. But As Far As What Delivers The Goods Most, Simple Decodes. Check Out Our Read List, Thats All The Read Types I Put Stuff Through When Meditating On Word / Story Meanings.

So What Is The Difference Between North And South.

Im Not Even Going To Give You The Simple Reads. U R Unworthy.

I’m Going To Give You Essentially What We Would Call A Core Utility Read.

That’s When You Have Figured Out What The Thing Is, And You Can Utter Essentially The Utility Of The Word Or Phrase. It’s Maybe Similar To Etymology, But In Most Cases The Core Utility Read Will Be Completely Different To Etymology. It’s A Different Thing.

South Is Fairly Basic. It’s An Unholy Saturn Force. Used As A Defence.

Lots Of Easy Examples.

All We Need Is A Punch in The Face.

It’s, Cutting Someone Off Or Blocking Them On The Highway.

It’s Maybe Firing Someone, Or Saturning Their Finances.

Lots Of Examples But Its A Downward Or Suppressive Energetic Force Or Action.

Like I Said Previously, We Are Entirely Capable And Permitted To Practice This. When Required. But, If It’s The Only Tool In Our Kit. God Knows It. And Our Growth / Blessing is Finite.

North Is More Complex.

I Don’t Have It Nailed Yet And That’s What The Core Utility Read Is About. Because When You Know What It Is In Your Soul, And You Use It. More Power To Ya.

One Of The Key Letter Differences Between The Two Is R.

North Speaks Of Pulling Energy Down Into The Realm. But It Is Pulling Energy From Beneath Saturn. Which is Fascinating. Im Fascinated That Our Alphabet Keys Contain No North References. Although There Are Divine Keys Which May Be Saying Something Similar. But The Read Still Suggests, South Saturn Energisation, Not Post Saturn Ascensional. Makes You Wonder, Are We Missing Read Points On The Compass? Is The Compass A False Angel? Do We Need To Break Out The Astrolabe? Because As Far As I’m Concerned, Post Saturn Ascensional Is Where The Money Is At.

Regardless, North And South Are Very Different Transmutations. South Is Just Pushing Shit Down A Piper. Easy Work. North Is Harder Work. Because Even Though When You Read, Pulling Energy Down From Saturn. Sounds Easy. Not Always So. How Do You Do It? What’s Required?

So I’m Just Going To Write Three Examples Of North Transmutations.

1. You Have A Job. It Feels Like A Soulless Brain Fuck. Meaning It Probably Is. You Quit On The Spot. You’re Broke For 6 Months. You Find A Better Job That Pays Less, But The People Are Nicer. And It’s More In Line With Your Hobbies And Interests. The Creator Sees This Stuff And Rewards You In Mysterious Ways. I’m Not Telling You To Just Quit The Job. Listen To Old Mate Andy Tate. You Don’t Have To Quit The Job. Run Hella Side Hustle On The Side. Let Them Fire You. Argue Morality In The Boardroom. Let Them Fire You if They Don’t Like It. The Creator Sees This Shit And Blesses You With Energy.

2. You Don’t Like Your Boss. He’s A Cunt. You Look Up His Name Etymology. Its Russian Ashkenazi Samaritan. Immediately Alarming. You Find The Etymology Means ‘The Dog That Cooks Sausages in The Forrest’. Immediately Alarming. Based On The Name Etymology, You Change How You Communicate With Your Boss. You Question More. You Debate A Little. Because You Know There Is Something More About Him. Your Changed Energy Pulls More Energy Down Into The Plane. Changing The Creators Perception Of You. Literally Changing The Whole Of The Reality Of The Place By The Increased Utility Of The Mind.

3. You Find The Etymology Of Christmas Means Dismissing Christ. Don’t Sound Like The Right Path.  So You Skip And Have A Lonely Christmas. But You Find That Having A Relaxing Peaceful Day Studying And Working, While Others Christmas Is Full Of Stress And Turmoil Is More Enjoyable. The Energetic Blessing Is Yours.

So Move Away From The Thinking That North And South Are The Difference Between For Example Ignorance And Rudeness / And Superficial Clinical Good Christian Conduct.

To Thinking That The Two Are Different Types Of Internal Physical Energetic Transmutations.

South = Simple Application Of Downward Force.
North = Increased Burning Of Energy With Christian Spirit As Your Guiding Force. The Benefit Of Sacrifice And Hardship. Being. An Internal Energetic Blessing. And Literal Changes To Reality Around Your Being Because You Are Pulling Energy Down From The Terrestrials. Not Being A One Trick Pony. With The Single Skill. Of Tapping A Coon On The Bonce.

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