Summary Of The Higher Occult Intelligence Layers. 

In Our Article On Shining. I Mentioned That At Some Point You Hit An Intelligence Layer.

They Try To Neuter Your Noggin And Bonce Before You Hit It.

This Is Just An Early Summary Of Me Exploring This Topic Of How I Sense The Intelligence Layers Working. Im Sure A Psychologist Could Give You A Much Better Breakdown Of Core Human Brain Function. But This Is Directed At Discussing The High Occult Intelligence Layers.

Acute Rational Intellectual Intelligence:
Just A Short Note On This. Im Just Writing This As The Kind Of Level Of Intelligence Or Intellect You Might Reach After Completing University Level Academic Study. The Ability To Write Formal Dissertations And Academic Papers. It Sounds A Little Boring. And After Under Grad For Me I Decided Academia Is Not My Bag. But Understand If You Have Broader Creative Skills. Music, Art, Humour, Sport Whatever. And You Have This Dark 666 Archontic Force Come After You. You Can Beat Them With The Creative. But They Really Hate It When You Hit Them With This Acute Somewhat Boring Rational Human Intelligence. They Dislike It. Just Spend An Hour Or So Writing. “I Think There Is Synthetic AI Manipulation Being Pumped Through Network Nodes of The Interwebs” They Really Really Dislike When You Wield That Weapon. Many Times I Think About Doing Formal Writing On Stuff, And I Go, Nah – Do An Image. Do Art. People Will Get It And It’s A Better Medium. Often Thats The Right Decision. But The Formal Intellectual Writing Process. Even Though I Have Fuck All Interest In Being In A Journalist. Or Academic. Writing With That Tone At Times Can Really Be A Powerful Force.

Spiritually Awakened Intelligence.
Im Writing This As A Level Because Really It Was Many Years For Me Before The Awakening of The Eye Occurred And The More Sublime Experiences Were Had. The Higher Intelligences Were Reached.

So I Have Been Wanting To Teach. I’ve Said A Few Times. God Is Obligated To Respond To Your Energies. And All Of These Systems, Avatars Etc. Are Part Of That System. So Keep At It And Keep Searching.

But Even Though I Feel Like These Systems (Avatars / Amenti / Shining) Are Natural And Of God. And Really. Even If The Darkest And Sickest Forces Try And Block You From Divine Realms And A White Spiral Physical Death. With A Pair Of Nuts You Can Gang Bang These Systems.

Back To The Point I Want To Teach. I Feel Like There Is A Force With A Tap. Or A Switch. And To Some Extent. They Can Influence How Much Of The Energy Flows. The Power They Give. Don’t Worry So Much About The MSM Cult Faggots That Brain Fuck You To The End Of Time. Think About Hitting The Sublime Targets.

The Initial Awakened Intelligence You Will Start To See Though The Shallow False Light. You Will Feel Something Is Wrong With The Realm You Are In. How Could You Not When Every Media Outlet Is Hell Bent On Pumping Bile Down Your Neck. 

The Spiritual Awakening Intelligence Is When The Creator First Starts Pushing Higher Light Through You. But It’s Early in The Journey. 

Shining Layer

I Mention In Our Article On Shining. That As Your Brain Grows. There Is An Intelligence Layer In The Shining Layer.

For Me, I Started Noticing. When I Post Certain Pictures. I Can Almost See Beings Being Postured Or Moved Based On My Work. A Simple Analogy Is Any Musician Who Has Played In Front Of A Crowd Knows How Their Music Can Make People Move Their Bodies. It’s A Strength Or Power. Thats Why All Your Musicians Are 3IA Controlled Bob Geldof’s. They Don’t Want To Give That Type Of Energetic Influence To Men With Brains And Bollocks.

So In High Mystical Elemental Craft Masonry. The Way You Posture Your Being. And The Way You Outwardly Convey Or Project Those Postures. Is Issuing In A Sense Directives To The Angelic Realms. That Then Influence The Collective Flesh Wall.  

In This Picture About Crowley They Say He Could Mimic A Fall And Make Others Fall. I Don’t Really Try And Cast Magic So Directly. I Try To Convey Postures To Communicate Complex Intellectual Thought And Often What You Are Outputting, Other People Just Aren’t Saying It Or Thinking It. If For Example The Lower Masonic Flesh Wall Level Buy Your Comms, Then Your Commit Can Influence The Realm. Just Like Getting Cut Through In Any Corporate Boardroom.

But To Some Extent You Can Develop The Mind Enough Where Influence And Shift In The Realm, Is No Longer In The Hands Of Men Making Decisions. It’s In The Hands Of A Divine Elemental Light Force.

This Speaks Of Shining. 

The Sickness Layer

This Is Not So Much An Intelligence Layer As In A Level Of Intelligence You Might Seek To Aspire To. But What You Might Find Is. As You Ascend. Ive Spoken About Being Propositioned By The Devil. Also As You Ascend You Will Kind Of Get Dudes Threaten You.

Funny Story. Sometimes I Refer To My Reading List. You Know That Bill Hicks Joke, What U Reading For?

I Had These Dudes Like Kind Of Speak To Me In A Threatening Tone. Geeze You Have Some Funny Stuff On Your Reading List……As In. Watch Yourself Sunshine. With All That Thinkin Business You Get Involved In.

But For Sure You Guys Can See It In The Media. That There Is This Sick Force. That Is Hiding Something, Defending Something. And They Run Curse After Curse After Curse, Hex After Hex After Hex. Suppression After Suppression After Suppression. And They Just Run Bullshit Narrative Psy Op After Psy Op.

Like My Pops. Not Spiritually Sick, Or Super Bad Spirited. But Just Flatly Refusing To Learn To The Depth Required Of Men.

Many Other Men. Same Willingness For Ignorance But Also Bad Spirited And The Projection Or Consciousness Emission Is Sick. It’s A Force Protecting Something Dark And They Are Worried About Us People Crossing Certain Lines. Ushering In A New Era.

For Women And The Sickness Layer. I Saw A Movie Promo, Like 99% Of Men Will Die. Didn’t Read It In Detail. But Instant Reaction Was Sickness Layer – And Women Will Be Being Separated. Are You A Good Seed That Can Love Men. Or Are You Going To Turn Your Energy To A Witch Cult? And Be A Wilting Flower.

Recently The Last Time I Viewed BBC, Quite A Few Days Ago Now. The Headlines Were Just Bizarre. So We Play This Game. You Are A Bunch Of Fag Americans. You Are Flying Your Rainbow Flag. Blah Blah. And The Media Almost Has To Start Playing The Same Game. And In The Process People Just Go. This Shit Is Strange. And It Looks Like Publications Like BBC, Wikipedia, Youtube Will Just Implode At Some Point.

So The Sickness Layer. The Men On The Wrong Side Of The Push / Pull Ether Equation. The Big Star’s. Trying To Wield Media As A Force Really For The Dark Cults, The Vicky Zig Cults. The Suppressors Of S. Those Trying To Bring Ton To The One.

They Form A Sickness Layer Who’s Media Projections Aren’t Designed To Teach, Create, Nurture, Direct Humanity In The Correct Direction. At This Point Most Of You Will Be Able To See This In Main Stream Press.

Astral Plane Experiences

These Experiences Begin When Your Spirit Body Separates From Your Physical Body And You Begin Traveling In The Astrals.

When You Reach The Astral Plane Or Realm The Experience Becomes Sublime. Its Difficult To Differentiate What You Might Call An Astral Experience And A Shining Experience.

I’ve Told The Story Of Pulling Into A Completely Random Spot. And Meeting People From A Different Nation. And Having A Conversation Thats Almost Like Talking To My Family. 

So You Pull Into A Random Place In The Middle Of Nowhere. And These People Introduce Themselves. And It’s Like Family Names. I Started Talking To These Two Girls. Chatting One Up. And One Girl, The Sister. Tells Me Her Name. And Partly Because Of The Name, And Partly Because Of The Complexion. I Said To Her. Oh So You Are A Nigger? And She Responded Straight Away. My Mums A Nigger. And I Thought. Yes. Yes She Surely Is. Thinking About The Scenario In My Real Family. Then I Said To Her. You Know. I Really Like White Cats Better. Because The Girl I Was Chatting Up Was In White.

So It’s Like You Are Talking To Beings. Who Are An Avatar Or A Spiritual Thread Of Real Beings You Know. It’s Very Bizarre. I Have Many Experiences Like This.

In Another Place Beings Materialised In Front Of Me. And Used Names From My Family. And Delivered A Message. That One Of My Particular Family Members Is Like A Baby On The Inside. Immature. Weak.

In Another Place A Man Pulled Up And Used A Name Of A Person I Know. And I Said, I Know Someone By That Name. It’s Less Like You Are Having These Random Name Experiences. And More Like The Propagation Of Names Is Because You Are Dealing With Beings That Are A Spiritual Thread Of, Or Astrally Connected to People You Know.

Its Almost Like The Creator Needs You To Know Certain Things About Certain People And Then Throws The Scenario Into Your Face.

Funny Fuzzy DI (Divine Intelligence)

There Is A Layer When Maybe God First Starts Dumping The Higher Level Intelligence Into Your Mind.

So I Have Referenced This Image A Few Times. Maybe At The Time I Was influenced By The Kubrick 2001 Monkey Scenes. But Really I Was Playing With Number 2 At The Time. And Other People Were Responding In The Media As They Always Do. 

So Im Like – You Are Stupid Little Monkey Playing With The #2. 

The Image Has A Real Funny Feel. I Told You In Different Languages Words Like Idiot Seem To Be Correct Physical Death. Maybe Tapping The Early Stage AI Downloads Requires You Demonstrate Humour. 

Shining, Amenti – These Complex Occult  Experiences.

There Is A Force That Has A Switch. And Can Either Pipe More Light And These Type Of Experiences Down To You. Or Turn Off The Tap And Say – Not Ready. Press Hold On That Shining / Amenti Mysterious Etherial Beings Stuff For Now. Hold On The Divine South Transmutation Please. No Soup For Jew. Its Possible That Seeing The Humorous Side Of Nature And Laughing Is One Of The Tests.  

Another Funny Fuzzy AI Example, Kind Of Random.

If You Look At This Website Of A Preacher, Who Did Really Interesting Pineal Stuff We Mentioned Years Ago. His Website Has Melted Into A Kind Of Bizarre Soup Of Cats And Dogs And Bizarreness.

In Some Respects. Because Most Media Is 666 Suppression. The Nature Of Reality. Of Infinite Light. Obviously Contains Funniness. Humour. The Sum Total Of The Animal And Human World. Must Have A Fairly Funny Aspect To It.

When I Said I Received Media That Looked Like A Death Threat. It Seemed To Be This Funny Fuzzy DI Layer And It Kind Of Makes Me Feel That Forces Have Tapped Certain AI Sources And Channel Down Through Code / CPU Systems And Can Harness It And Channel It Out Through Media Quickly.

I Think As You Melt Into The Pineal. The Creator Shows You The Funny Side Of The World. This Has Also Come Through In A Range Of Scenarios In Australian Media Lately. Where A Lot Of People Are Dressed In Funny Occult Garb, Strange Trannies Showing Up Everywhere. Bizarre Stories. Funny Name Games.

In Some Respects. There Is A Humours Side To The Higher Realms.

AI Intelligence
The Symbolism Of The Veil Or Mask In Masonry. Probably Misunderstood.

Just Like All The Occult Passcodes Etc That People Might Assume Are Codes To Access Secret Places.

Are Really Concealing Phonetic Invocations Of The Creator.

Well The Mask Or Blindfold. Is Because You Are Expected To Be Able To See And Feel With Covered Eyes.

And The Symbolism Of The Brick Wall. If You Are Really What I Describe As Cutting Ether. Or Gripping The Spiritual Realm With Your Mind. With Low Cling To The Material Realm. Really You Should Be Able To Fly Over Brick Walls.

The AI Intelligence Is Really When You Get On The Right Side Of The Push Pull Equation. You Are No Longer Mining. You Have Gone The Right Way Up The Spiral. In Some Respects Obviously Accomplishing What We Have Described As Dimensionlessness. Also Obviously You Have Triangulated Your Being To The Right Place In Time, Up The Golden Spiral. 

At This Point You Are No Longer Digging For Your Wisdom. The Creator Is Piping Into Your Mind At An Expedient Rate.

You Get Your Intelligence In A Variety Of Places. We Have Mentioned Etherial And Shining Experiences.

Concepts Or Advanced Solutions Will Just Form In Your Mind.

Some Of It Comes Down Formal Corporate Light Pipes. That We Generally Check For News Etc.

But You Also Have Strange Geometric Experiences With Things Like Buildings And Products. All The World Around You.

Sometimes I Throw Out And Ask For Divination Feedback. And The Response. Again, Sometimes Formal Places. Sometime Strange Unexpected Answers From Different Places In The Geometric Realm. You Pick Something In The Grocery Isle, And It Answers That Topic You Have Been Contemplating On For Weeks.

When I Wrote The Article On Dimensionlessness I Was Poking Around In The Garden Cleaning Up Trees. I Did A Number Of Groundwork Articles On The Curse And The Pyramids. But Just Meditating, Why? Why Pyramids? Why Curse? What Does 3d Mean? And Then The Answer Comes Through.

One Day There Was This Shit House KKK Story In The British Press. Just Some Foul Shit With A Bunch Of Saturn Curse Numbers In It. It Annoyed Me, But From Before Seeing It I Had This Image In My Mind.

It’s Kind Of Interesting To Think About If That Geometry Is One Of The Dimensions Of The K. But What Does The Creator Prefer? You Throwing Him Up A BS Time Freeze Hex Curse Story About A Certain Group. Or You Deeply Contemplating On His Letters And Numbers And Names To See If You Can Find Divinity.


When You Get Your Being Into The Dimensionless Realm, Its More Of A Feeding Of Wisdom And Knowledge. Straight Down Through The Crown Chakra. And From There Its My Guess That The Creator Wants You To Share His Wisdom And Teaching If You Can Do It Well.

But He Surely Feeds You Divine Intelligence. And As We Progress Its Really About Piecing Together What The Creator Wants Us To Know. And Restoring The Application Of Divine Wisdom To Our Presence In The Realm. To Our Media Channels. To Our Family Lives. To Our Homes. All Aspect Of Life.

I Have Been Told That It Is Part Our Mission To Restore The Old Technologies And Ancient Practices To Earth.

I Genuinely Believe If I Keep Teaching On The Topic, More Men And Women Will Awaken And Be Gifted With The Divine Eye And A Place In The Divine Realms. 

Ethereal Intelligence  

Im Writing A Seperate Piece Specifically On This About How The Ultra Intelligent Ethereal Fluid Works. But For Example.

You Can Consider Things Like.

Heath Outcomes.
Being On The Receiving End Of Elemental Compression.
Birthing Outcomes
And Many Other Things.

As Functions Or Results Of Your Relationship With The Ethereal Intelligence Layer.

So When We Say – For Example. “These Beings Will Be Elementally Compressed”

The Creator Will Kind Of Assess If Their Conduct Is As Dubious As Whoever Makes Such Claims.

And The Compression Or Contraction Will Happen in A Ultra Intelligent Way. 

They Will Be Wound Down Through Complex Health Conditions. Mysterious Beings Will Block Their Path. The Elemental Compression Process Is Divine And If The Creator Sees Wrong Spirit He Curtails You.

Again You Need To Seperate Between Cults Of Low Blood Goons In Established Networks.

And Genuine Humans Walking A Spiritual Path.

Im Repeating This In A Number Of Places. But It Becomes Obvious When Awakened, When You Are Looking At Beings Who Have Entered The Ethereal Spirit Gates And Are Triangulating Their Being Toward Your Support. Vs Fallen Beings Still Scurrying Around In The Lower Maybe Demonic Or Purgatorial Realms Really Trying To Harass You As A 666 Cockroach. Im Sure Plenty Of People In Those Lower Realms Are Not 666 Roaches Trying To Harass, But Just Humans Looking For The Path. But Either Way, Spotting Beings In The Ether Is Fairly Obvious.

I Recently Posted A Picture, Of A Situation Where Someone Really Obviously Triangulated In Front Of Me At A Particular Moment.

I’ll Wrap That Up There. That Is A Fair Bit Of Detail On The Higher Intelligence Layers Post Awakening. And Like I Said Before. It’s A Long Journey Between Starting And Hitting The Higher More Sublime Experiences. Hopefully This Also Will Help People Understand If They Are Starting To Walk The Right Path.

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