On Consuming Media In A Realm With Abundant Media Abuse.

There Is A Concept Called Constant Partial Attention.

It’s Probably Helpful In Knowing Different States Of Consciousness When It Comes To Consuming Media.

I’ll Be Writing Soon About Youtube As A Perpetual Abuse As Well As The BBC.

So With Beings Literally Trying To Use The Lower Light Channeling Technologies To Perpetuate Hexing, Murder And Abuse. Your Own Media Consumption Habits Become Critical For Growth And Survival.

I Learned This Years Ago When I Lived In A Remote Place With No TV And Felt Heaps Healthier From Not Being Able To See The News. Same As Living In Japan / Thailand For Many Years. Because You Don’t Connect To Foreign Language News So Firmly, You Are Less Prone To Hexing. Thats Probably Why There Have Been All These People Heavy Hexing Me For Years, And I Kind Of Dodge It. Just Maintaining Your Own Personal Focus Helps.

What Im Doing For Media Now, Is. I Maintain A List Of News Sites. I Jump Across A Bunch Most Days. I Don’t Read Most Stories In Detail. I Review Images. Look For Alphabet, Numerology, Geometry Keys. Get A Feeling For The Spirit Of The Piece.

Most News Sites Are A Disgusting Dogs Breakfast. Because I Output Large Image Art Pieces. Our Media Sands Up Against The Shit Cult Media Fairly Well.

Keep In Mind That News Media Sites Are All Locations Where A Corporate Battle Unfolds. So You Can Look At The Dogs Breakfast And Some Days Pick Out Positive Stories. Sometimes It’s All Just Slander Curse Trash.

So Like I Said In A Previous Post. Not Taking It To Heart Helps. Scan It. Get A Sense Of The Spirit. And Make Your Days Focus Or Output. More About What You Think. You Will Notice My Work, Is More Like Real Photos Of Real People. That Word, Real Is Going To Be One Of Our First Key Word Dictionary Words. Because God Cares, And One Of The Answers To What Masonry Is, Is The Defence Of Real Human Life.

Another Real Powerful Tip. Is The Power Of Ignoring. Won’t Share Stories, But There Are Things That I Have Acted On To Remove Curse From My Life. And Then Just Ignored For Many Years. God. Still Acts On My Behalf On Those Issues. And Punishes Beings For Transgression.

There Are Whole Races Some Who I Have Had Finite Interaction With. God Just Tells Me. Don’t Worry About Them Mate. They Are All Beneath The Level of The Living. They Haven’t Found The Path.

In Terms Of Benefit That Brings. Well Its Another Language You Don’t Have To Learn Its Another Curse Spirit You Don’t Have To Waste Time On Addressing.

Interesting Point. Also When You Publish Certain Things. Like After I Published The China End Times Judgement. Media Felt Like It Went Haywire. Well Like The Conspiracy, Who Rules The World. Jews Or Mexicans? It’s Funny When You Tell Chinese We Are Going To Be Managing Them, Punishing Them And Reclaiming Our Territory. Shit Goes Pear. Tells You About Who Real Influencers Are.

A Lot Of The Shit In Australian Press. Is Just Jew Cult Hexing. A Lot Of The Shit I’ll Ignore For Years. Then As They Keep Pushing It. I Can Now Just Drop A Pic, Spend A Couple Of Minutes On It. Wake People Up. You Can be Rude And Crude And Dismissive. Because If Your Comment Is True, Real People Will Register.

So Im Going To In Addition To Scanning Media. Practicing Taking Pause Days Where I Don’t Look At It At All. And Focus More On My Own Output. I Build Up A Huge Backlog Of Work To Do. Historically I Have Blocked The BBC From My Own Browser. Im Going To Do One Final Post On The BBC. Then Practice Multi Day Review Pauses. Focus On Other Media.

What You Need To Realise. Is Because They Track Browsing History. Essentially Where Ever You Go, They Will Pump Out The Same Curse Abuse Shite.

The Reason They Try Lock Me Up All The Time. Is Because They Don’t Like Me Moving The Needle On Our Peoples Spirit. Our Progress. Our People Are So Retarded And Spineless. That Really We Don’t Have Leaders Fit Enough To Sustain The Continuation Of Our Humanity In The Face Of A Complex Occult Curse. People Don’t Think Hard Enough. Study Hard Enough. Fight Hard Enough.

It Pains Dirty Yellow Yips, Chinks And Niggers. That There Are Still Divine Caucasoid. Willing To Say. Let’s Move Ahead With Our People And Our Humanity. So What? Fuck Em.

Anyways, One Last Point. Will Elaborate On Post On Omnipresent God / Shining. The Lower Synthetic Etheric Web. Television Broadcasting. Is Only One Layer. Its Not The Be All And End All. I Enjoy Producing Media. A Day May Come Where I Don’t Have To Rely On Media So Much. And Fact Of The Matter Is. Even When Im Locked Up. I Still Communicate With The Creator And He Comms Back.

All The Brain Fucking. You Can’t Have A Bank Account. You Can’t Do Business. You Need To Be Poor Christian. Thats All Jew Pig Brain Rape. The Creator Briefs Me Contrary To That Shit. Fact Of The Matter Is. We Are Replacing Abusive Systems With Systems That Endeavour To Utilise Divine Principals. So That We Can Sustain And Further The Progression Of Divine Blood Lines. Who At The Least Make An Effort To Build A Relationship With God.

That’s All. In Summary. Scan Media. Understand Most Platforms News And New Internet Media. Are Perpetual Jew Cult Platforms. In Some Respects, If You Don’t Wake Up To The Nature And Intention Of These Platforms And Change Your Own Consumption. You Are Responsible. Once We Have Corpsed The Cults In Substantial Numbers. The Energy Coming Through These Platforms Will Reduce. But Just Shift Your Attention More To What You Are Outputting. What You Are Meditating On. Instead Of Letting The Cult Media Shit You. They Practice Getting Under Your Skin. We Practice Purging Their Blood. Run A Decode On You / Me. It’s More About Managing Your Own Interpretation And Output. And You Will Have Stronger Resonance With God And Stronger Impact. Which Really Shits Them. Already At This Point As An Individual I Have Higher Media Output Capability That Most Mainstream Platforms. With Limited Daily Output I Can Guide Spirit For Our People To The Level Of The Creators Expectation. You Don’t Need A Bunch of Money Or Tech.

Because There Is So Much Occultism In Media. Focusing On Original Creative Output Is Really Key. They Try To Smother You In Occultism And Pray On Your Downfall. But Keeping A Completely Original Real Creative Output Makes It Hard For Them To Trap You. Because Your Expression Is Multidimensional.

Anyways Ill Close Off There. Hope That Helps With Your Own Works And Strengthening Your Spirit In A Realm Littered With Media Exploitation And Abuse.


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