Occult Breeding – What They Don’t Tell You

Here I’m Just Going To Cover The Different Aspects Of Human Breeding And Blue Bloods That You Might Not See All Dimensions To.

1. So In Our Work, We Have Covered. The Whole Skeletal Invert Scenario. 

We Speculate They Breed Them Because They Have A Lower Consciousness Function And Are Compliant And Easy To Control.

That’s 1 Dimension. There Is Some Complexity To It, But There Are Inverts That You Can See If You Study Bone Structure. 

It’s One Part Of The Picture But Not The Whole Thing.

Other Aspects Of Blue Bloods Are.

2. Just Poor Spirited People. People That Again Are Maybe Easy To Control And Easy To Get Servicing Lies, Fraud, Deception. Such As Police Officers.

It’s A Thing. Hard To Explain. Some People Are Just Bad Spirited.

3. I Believe That There Are Fallen Bloodlines. As In Blood Lines That Do Not Have A Heart And Soul The Way We Do. Sometime I See The Men Dog Stalking Some Of Them Look Like Lizards. There Was This Dude Online That Had Police Problems And He Said In One Of His Videos, “Woah What Happened, It’s Like A Bunch Of Lizards Crawled Out Of Temple Mount In Israel”. So Fallen Blood Lines Is A Thing Also And They Will Promote Them And Breed Them.

4. Finally. You Have The Ton Ton Tribe. And There Are Other Blood Lines And Races That We Have Decoded As Sub Saturn. The Breton Is An Example. So The TON We Decode As Sub Saturn. They Are Labeled Just Like Plants In A Nursery And You Will Find At Some Point That Someone Has Decided To Breed Lower Resonance Blood Lines. Because They Are Easier To Control. You Find These People Are Supported In Breeding. But You Will Probably Also Find They Try And Stick Most Of Them In Full-time Jobs And Give Them A House Mortgage And A Car Loan.

These Are The Kind Of People Cults Are Going To Support Breeding. They Don’t Want Ancient Human BloodLines, Thinking Freely. Being Free. Meeting, Breeding And Then Teaching Children To Be Independent And Strong.

With The Example Of Ton Tons. You May Feel That We Just Live In A Society Of Caucasians. The Blurred Simple View. Doesn’t Account For The Reality Of Abilities Of People Who Live Amongst Us. You Will Probably Find The Ton Ton Both Have Less Conscious Abilities And Possibly Lower Over All Energy And Motivation. They Are Probably Easier To Control With Televisions Etc.

It’s Not Just Coincidental Breeding. It’s Purposeful Breeding Of Blood Lines To Create Compliant Races.

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