Lesson: Why Break Curses II?

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This is just a short Extension of our Why Break Curses Lesson.

I just wanted to add some info for people with more of a Medical Lens on the Topic.

If you are A Person That Suffers Any of the Below Common Medical Conditions – It’s Imperative that you study some of the concepts in our work.

– Headaches.
– Back Pain.
– Growing Pains.
– Bone / Joint Aches / Pains.
– Stress

These are frightfully common conditions in our society and what I have found is that it’s almost just as valid to approach treating them through the practice of Masonry even before Medical Treatment.

What you find is the Headaches and back aches are caused by the false light generation and elemental compression used by the high masonic orders. Most stress in your life is caused by Elemental compression. So if you study our occultism, and say to yourself ‘I’m going to start practicing a little of what they are teaching’ – You might find that studying what we teach leads you toward better health faster than mainstream medical teaching. When you break a curse you are cleaning the polluted light around your own being when you open a light doorway you are opening a space for yourself to walk into where others may not give you any space at all. The direct practice of these often frowned upon occult arts can have substantially greater positive medical impacts than most imagine.

This is working for me in my life at present. Staying in Thailand the 3 – 5 Months I been here I’ve probably lost 7% the body weight I was Holding and am all around fitter, stronger and healthier. I need to see medical professionals, like dentist, cardio, skin treatment removal – mostly small things. But but before I do any of that, I always prioritise my own work first because at the end of the day the outcomes from my own work are more substantial.

Will close with a small example. I just posted an Image I created of US Actress Zoe Kravitz. Years ago when I was still really playing with image creation I made an image of her after studying a movie she was in. I was just playing with Ideas around transgenderism, ‘the saturn cult’ and so on. Made the image and posted it up. It included connects around saturnianism, the meaning of the letter J, Japanese Occultism and more.

So years pass and I obviously continue studying the topics. One Night I decided just to create a revision image using mostly identical occult symbology. Posted it up. What’s The Point?

– I have explained to you about masonic checkins. Giving your team an updated or revised check in from time to time is fair play.
– If you create light around another person you are either blessing them or cursing them. With the original Image I created of Zoe, Years later I just thought, maybe a little cold, maybe a tad ignorant. Better revise. So instead of leaving somebody suffer on your own ignorance curse, your revised communication can break high light curtailment against yourself and the other being you have imposed your light on.

Those kind of updates can bring about nice harmonious energetic return and favour for all parties concerned.

That’s all for this post guys, just wanted to tack a short teaching on to our last “Why Break Curses” Lesson so you could see how the topic fits with Medical Issues and Health Also.

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