Lesson: – Sex Transmutation & Sin.

This is an Introductory lesson to all of the main types of Sex Transmutation. In Later Lessons we will go through each type one by one and create some decode keys. For now we want to Communicate to you what we believe the rule book looks like when engaging in sexual relations with different genders & races.

Hetro Sex

Heterosexual Sex is the Standard Transmutation. It’s How God wants us to transmute our energy. Analysis we have done to date shows that Male To Female Transmutation is Cleansing. What I Feel The Long Term Analysis Will Show is That Between Men And Women Who Care About Eachother, There is almost nothing that can be done that is a negative Sin, it’s all Energy Transmutation and Spirit Work Between The Two Copulating Partners.

We Will Expand On These Concepts With Detailed Keys For Heterosexual Transmutation In The Future.

Gay Sex

If We Used The Simple Read for Gay As “Gnostic Divine Father” – You can kind of sense what life choice you are making by being Gay. Keep in Mind in English being Gay can mean a-lot of things including just being happy. But if we use that Simple read we can see that men are entirely within their rights if they choose a ‘Gay’ life Path. Remember though. We all have contracts and obligations. So The Gay Man Contract Includes The Bible, and the Bible Warns Gay People That Bad Things May Happen To Them.

If You Decode a Phase like “Man + Man” It kind of looks like no matter how you shape it, it ends with a southerly exit. Thats How I View Male to Male Anal Intercourse. You are Ending with A Male Ejaculation, A Southerly Exit Into A Masculine Transmutation Vessel. It’s Almost like Creating a Circuit that is South to South or Negative to Negative.

If You Envisage Our Growth Pattern As An Ascending Red and Blue Spiral. With Male To Male Copulation Every Time You Cum In Your Partner, It’s Energetically Down And Out. It’s Black And Blue. Every Single Time it is 1 Step Closer to Death.

Imagine The Energetic Punishments Like This.

Male To Male Oral Sex: A Firm But Fair Spiritual Acid Bath.
Male To Male Anal Sex: Black And Blue. Down and Out. Each Act Is Energetic And Spiritual Suicide. You Are Not Growing In The Right Direction.

So For Gay Men That For Example Maybe Have Oral Sex At A Party. A good suggestion for spiritual purification may be something like Green Tea Cock Pushups. Because TEA Is A Powerful Cleansing Energetic Circuit. Probably Hard to Cleanse If You Do It Frequently and When I say Acid Bath I mean Like Stern Talking to’s, maybe a little goonie intimidation who knows. Realistically Anyone In Your Family And Church Has The Right To Have A Few Words to you about what they think about your Behaviour.

The Male To male Anal is Much harder to Transmute out. It’s all just Bad Consequences and yeah expect serious talking to’s at various junctures in your journey. Even expect your ancestors to Say “Hey mate we Raised you, And You think We don’t expect you to produce us some Holy offspring in Return? Mistaken.” Families, Priests All-concerned parties May Intervene to bring about change.

Thats The Essence of Gay Sex. People Are At Liberty to Chose That Path, But The Real Consequences of Choosing It Are Not All Pleasant in The Long Term.

Lesbian Sex
Similar To Gay Sex. Remember If You Are A Woman Only Participating In Sex With Another Woman, You Are Depriving yourself Of A Mans Energy, Which For You Transmuting Brings Healing and Energisation.

So At Some Points You Should Be Transmuting With Men For Health And Growth. It’s Not About Sin. It’s About Energy Depravation.

With Lesbians As Well, Also Remember Ancestors Are Going To want Grand Children So There Could Be Pressure Applied From There To Get Lesbians To Change Path And Behaviour.

Transgender Sex

This is a Huge topic which I will only attempt to summarise here.

The Kind of Message the Creator is attempting to embue in me is something like this. And Im Not Going To Give Trans People Too Much Credit Here. Im going to keep the number I use low so Trannies know that if they misbehave we crack down on them also. It’s something like This.

Gender is like 99 Shades of Grey. It Encompasses Physiology, Biology, Psychology, Spirit, Sex – Etc Etc. We as Humans are at different levels of the gender spectrum throughout our life. It’s Dependant on our Hormonal balance, Our Level of Awakening, Our Genetics, Our Ancestry. It’s Complex.

What I Sense The Biblical Story Is Trying To Teach Us Is That Somewhere Along The Journey, We took the wrong Path. We Started Breeding With The Wrong Blood Lines. We Started Producing Strange Fruit. Beings With Inverted Skeletons. Men With Female Skeletons, Women With Male Skeletons.

So The Creator Wants Us To be Wise Enough To Go Back To Breeding healthy Men And Women. And Teaching Those Men And Women To Practice Divinity.

If You Find Out During Your Life Your Partner Is Skeletally Inverted. It’s No Big Deal. There Are Many Men And Women With Varying Gender Properties. I Think What The Creator May Do In Some Cases Is Let Men Have 1 – 2 Babies with One partner and then As They Learn How To Raise Children etc, later in life pair Them with a ‘Holier’ Partner That Produces Babies With A Purer Gender Composition.

So Imbalanced Transgender Transmutation Isn’t So Much Sinful. Again It will be a cleansing or compressional transmutation just like Hetro Sex.

If Your Partner Is a FreeMartin or came from some kind of occult breeding programme there are issues reproducing genuine men and it may not be possible to have a authentic male child in those cases.

If Your Partner Is A Pure Surgically Inverted Transgender, All Transmutation is a Sin and Consequences are similar to Man To Man Transmutation. It’s a Down and Out Death Spiral.

I feel a bit guilty teaching that because I might be destroying a certain segment of the populations night play, but it’s important we teach our people how this stuff works tangibly.

Hope That Gives You A Sense Of The Realities Of Transgender Sexual Transmutation. Will Elaborate More In The Future.

Interracial Sex

Our Thoughts On Interracial Sex At This Moment in Time are that its a Gnostic Transmutation Experience. So you are at liberty to partner with any Race you Choose. But by doing so must comply with Gods Rules In Terms of Racial Balance Etc.

In Terms Of Sin And Punishment, Don’t Think In Terms Of Sin and Punishment.

Think More Knowledge Attainment, Wisdom Cultivation, And Gnostic Style Curtailment. Not Punishment For Sin If You get It Right.

I’ll Give Some examples using transmutation with black and yellow.


All Transmutation With Black Races Is Gnostic. You Will Understand That More Clearly when We do the Decode of ‘Nigger’.

The Main Difference Between White And Black Races for Example Is Resonance. We are essentially the same type of being but with different genetic / skin / melanin compositions we process light differently.

I Imagine white people can more easily process lighter density high etheric light and Black lower density light.

It’s Important to note that the sum total difference between black and white does not equate to better or worse. It’s Not Good Vs Bad. It’s Not Smart Vs Dumb. Because It’s A Gnostic Exchange. It’s By Mutual Obligation That we are to learn each others strength and capabilities. And Work Successfully With Each other. So if You can Unite With Black People A Generate Unity And Harmony and Success Whilst Still honouring all of the needs and desires of your Ancestors, more power to you.


Interracial Transmutation Between For Example White –> Yellow or Black –> Yellow is all Gnostic In nature. The Essense of How I See this transmutation is that we are at liberty to form relationships and have children with people from the yellow races. However Our Creator expects us to see through them. Know when to trust them and when not to. Know when to teach them. Know When to Curtail them and so on.

Interracial Relationship, Sex, Breeding Sin And Punishment.

Like I said Earlier, It’s not about Sin And Punishment. It’s Gnostic Learning.

The Kind of Things you can expect to happen for example, you are a white man who has a baby with a black woman. One day out of the blue someone from your family will gift you with a black cat. You will then go and have to figure out the great mystery of why you are now taking care of a black cat. That Kind of silly game stuff is very gnostic masonic and thats what you will face if you mix your blood with african or asian blood lines.

Keep in mind, by the time you can take care of yourself, support yourself financially and know how to raise children all of that gnostic teaching and curtailing you can cut through it pretty easy if you are right with your spirit and intention. If people hassle you about your relationships or choices you can tell them to Go Away you are well aligned with your ancestors, your own purpose and intent.

Thats all for this post guys, I hope you have a sense of how we see Sex Choices And Relationships and How It plays out in terms of biblical and ancestral obligation and Sin, Punishment & Curtailment.

More on This Topic Soon From Divine Decodes.

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