Joey Crack

This Is The Post About The Magic Mirror Or Amenti I Promised.

Im Not Going To Say Too Much.

Being Honest If You Study My Work I Teach You More Behind So Called Mason Secrecy Than Anyone.

But A Lot Of Stuff I Don’t Say. Because It’s Hard To Explain. And You Probably Wouldn’t Believe Me Anyway. And Some Stuff Pertains To Perhaps Technologies And Capabilities Our Peoples May Have But Do Not Disclose.

I Developed An Interest In The Magic Mirror Studying Gilliam’s Imaginarium.

I Wanted To Say Something To Be Really Clear. When I Say In The New Savile Clink I Had A Divine Vision. And A Remote Absolution From Sin. This Has NOTHING To Do With A Pack Of Blue Blood Faggots Assaulting Me And Practicing Occult Torture. In My Past Work I Have Compared Abuse To Cropping A Cannabis Plant And Used MK Ultra As An Example. I’ll Be Frank. Don’t Believe In It. I Also Don’t Crop My Cannabis Plants.

All That Abuse Ever Creates Is A Requirement To Heal Yourself.

The Real Awakening Experience Comes From Exerting Your Energy Toward A Correct Spiritual Goal. Traveling To Spiritual Places, Passing Through Energetic Gateways. Completing Spiritual Works.

An Example. Yall Know I Studied Kubrick Intensely For Years. How Might I Be In A Realm Called Amenti? Well I Discovered A Judgment In That Work. And Although I Couldn’t Draw You A Map. You Pass Through Halls Of Judgement. And Then Go To Heaven Or Hell. There Are Specific Egyptian Words For Both Realms. But Somewhere In The Mix Is Amenti.

I’m Obviously There Somewhere. Because As I Travelled Shit Went From Sublime To Ridiculous. I Have On My To Do Writing Up One Of My First Mirror Stories. When I Think There Are Also Some Experiences I Had Earlier That May Have Been Mirror. But It May Have Been That I Wasn’t Conscious Enough To Be In The Realm, But The Realm May Have Been Reaching Down Talking To Me.

So Short Point. You Practice Masonry & Christianity. The Real Reward Is An Inward Blessing From Your Creator Pertaining To Your Experience. He Gifts You With Spirit And Energy.

One Thing You Should Understand – You Should Aim For In Life Is Authentic Experience. We’ve Always Been Like That As People And A Family. We Are Down To Earth And Like To Meet Similar Such People And Have Authentic Experience.

If You Practice That, When You Enter God’s Realm. It Will Be Really Evident To You When You Are Having A Divine Experience, Or A Blue Blood Monkey Faggot Experience.

When You Have The Divine Experience You Will Be Mind Blown And Say, How The Fuck Can Such Things Even Happen?

The Picture Talks About An Experience In The Clink. Basically, They Took A Bunch Of Names I Used On My LinkedIn. And They Wanted Me To Think It Was Some Type Of Like Coincidence Or Sublime Experience.

But When They Told Me Certain Things, I Was Like – Referring to The Journey Map And Said To Myself. There is No way These Blue Blood Faggots Know Anything About This Realm. It Was A Bunch Of Blue Blood Piggers Trying To Play A Game They Don’t Understand And Are Not Very Good At. It Felt Forced, Try Hard And Fake.

They Were Lying And Talking Shit And Like They Told Me On The Last Day They Followed Me Since Day One Since I Entered The Nation In Person And Online.

The Real Mirror The People Of This Nation Will Experience Is That The Acute Violence, Dishonesty And Cruelty They Practiced On Me Will Be Reflected On Their Own Men And Women When They Travel In Our Nations For Many Years To Come.

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