This Is Just A Short Lesson On Infinity.

What Is It? I Haven’t Got A Full Grip On It Yet Or Done A Complete Read, But My Impression Thus Far Is.

That It’s An Antidote To A Wonky Eye.

The Thais And Filipino And Tibetans And Burmese. Abuse It.

The Consequence Of Doing So. Infinite Purging. Infinite Punishment. Infinite Hell. Their Faggot Occult Media Shit Won’t Save Them.

But Understanding It And Practicing Its Correct Use, Teaching It.

Is Just One Of The Many Keys Required For The Salvation Of Humanity.

Its Like Racism. A Rough Read Is Antidote To A Wonky Eye. So Let Coon Talk All The Shit They Want. We Can See A Bunch Of Retarded, Greedy, Malicious Coon Running All Around The Plane. With No Connection To Or Feeling For God. They’ll be Dead Coon Shortly.

Same As The Asians. I’ve Said Before. We Are Meant To Get Along With These Races. But Also Expected To Be Able To See Through Them. They Are Not Doing So Well Just Now. What We See When We Look Upon Them is Disgusting.

Anyways That’s Infinity. It’s A Small But Key Part To Understanding Gods Kingdom. Not To Be Abused.

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