How Does Your Christian Account Work?

This Is A Complex Concept. It Largely Comes From Studying Romley’s Work.

Im Only Going To Give You A Basic Overview.

Account In Some Respects Is A Banking Or Accounting Related Word.

If You Look At The Deeper Etymology Of Account It Connects To A Old French Word To “Reckon”.

Funnily Enough. In Colloquial Australian We Say “I Reckon” A Lot. It Really Shits Me When I Say That. Sounds Boganish.

Anyways Looking At The Etymology Of Reckon – You Get “to explain, recount”.

It’s Almost Like Your Account Is Your Reporting Of What Transpired. Explain Yourself Please. What Were You Doing When….

So In War. Or In Scenarios Where False Light Simulation Is Being Pumped Down Your Throat. It’s Good For A Nation. Or Individual Peoples Of A Nation To Have A Record Saying. I Spoke Out Against That. Your Voices Relating To Such Statements Make Up Your Account. 

Say We Live In A Realm Of Infinite Light. With A Demonic Or Archontic Force Shoving False Light Down Your Throat. Constantly.

Im Writing In Another Post. Artistic Output Helps. Because If You Think Something Is Fake, Or Wrong. The Big Eye Loves Natural Human Energetic Output.  Its Good To Deposit That Kind Of Work In Your Account.

Look At Australia. So Many Musicians With Organic Creative Output. Many Unlikely Rich In Material Wealth. But Still, Barely Just Hanging On To Their Position In A Beautiful Lands.

What We Have To Realise If We Get This War Bullshit That’s Coming Down The Piper Wrong. It’s A Very Sinister Force That Orchestrates Such False Light Projection. If We Get It Wrong, We’re Left With Nothing.

Anyways. Two Points We Have.

As Far As My Account Goes. Many Years Ago Now. I Told You. Someone Failed Their Judgement. And Someone Got Their Brains Fucked Out.

This Was A Really Clear Message. Im Going To Recover Dates At Some Point When I Restore That Work And Review It. But By Now Most People Know What Im Talking About. That Was Many Many Years Ago Now. I Sent A Message. We’re Not Here To Be Fucked In The Brains.

As A Side Note, Not My Account. Orwells 1984. A High-school Study. Speaks Of A Time Where We Live In A Reality That is Nothing More Than A Constant Boot On Our Face. It’s Only My Recent Numerological Wisdom Level That Makes The Message So Much More Pertinent. I Hope Pablo Picasso Is Coming Up To Speed.

So In A Realm Of Infinite Light. Where Our Obligation Is The Custodianship of The Harmonious Energetic Unfolding of Humanity. Having Constant Output Across Multiple Channels Helps. That You Can Publish, Unpublished Revise. Etc Etc Etc. Because We Are Managing A Constant Light Stream.

But At This Point It’s Evident That The Scottish People, Greek People, French People, Australian People, American People. Don’t Have A Strong Command Of The Light Stream.

And I Do All The Ground Work.

You Are Told. Well In Advance.
– They Are Fucking Us In The Brains.
– They Envisage An Infinite Boot On Our Face.
– We Should Be Working In A Garden.

But Regardless Of These Advanced Communications In My Account.

Violent And Aggressive Communications Attacks Still Come Down Our Light Pipeline. TV, Radio, Internet, Mason Cult Staged Events.

The Chinese Don’t Like To Hear That We Will Be Limiting Their Trade And Reviewing Our Ownership Of Hong Kong.

The Russians And American Jews, Don’t Like To Hear That All Of Their False Light Abuse Will Effect Any Debt Claims Their Institutions Make.

I Don’t Understand How People Can’t Comprehend That How They Conduct Themselves Effects Their Account. Both Their Recollection Or Explanation Of What Has Transpired. And Their Wealth Account Long Term.

Im Convinced That Our Elders Are Not Saying Enough. And Not Fighting Hard Enough To Control The Broadcasting Technologies In Our Nations.

You Don’t Like My Violent Messaging. 

But Ive Done All The Ground Work. Its Evident From The Conversations That Are Being Had, And The Light That Is Coming Down. The Higher Powers Still Envisage No Future For Our Generations.

I Don’t Know Why Nations Wouldn’t Want Continued Graceful Access To Our Lands. Pumping Shit Down Our Light Pipes Ain’t Going To Earn It. Just Like People Have Been Informed, I Don’t Think Many Nations Would Beat Our Collective Peoples In A War. Or Know What A War Against Us Is Really Like. Despite The Continued AI Simulation Attempts To Get Our Peoples To Call For Tanks, And Missiles And Guns And Blah Blah Blah Blah. They’d Love That. Because They’d Just Run Up The Jew Pig Debt Pipe. And Claim Our Nations For Eternity.

Just Like None Know War Like Us, I Don’t Think Many Nations Have Carved Light Or Spirit Like Our People Have.

Many Nations, Many Peoples Are Not Doing A Very Good Job Of It.

I’ve Told You Im Really Sensitive To Bad Light. Bad Media.

So When These Attacks Come Down. I Flip My Shit Out. And Kick Back. 

Anyways Ill Finish There.

You Don’t Like The Violence. But A Point Comes Where The Message Must Be Delivered. If The Synthetic Etheric AI Brain Fucking Persists. It’s A Recripricoal As Above So Below Situation.


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