Deeper Geometric Considerations Of Some Letters In The English Alphabet – B & R

Hey Guys, 

Wanted to Shed Some Light On Our Geometric Reads. Not Going To Teach You About Reads 1 By 1. We Have Added A Bunch Recently. But Those Reads I Kind Of Fleshed Out Meditating In The Clinker. Plenty Of Time As Not Much Going on In The Room Upstairs Of The Local Fagoirs.

A Few Points. We Are Trying To Teach You To Make Your Consideration Of Words Deep Enough That You Know What You Are Saying Exactly When You Say It. Deep Meaning. 

Not Because Of My Delicate Sensibilities And Retentive Concern For English Language Structure.

But Because Doing So Will Help You Gain The Favour Of Your Creator.

At A High Level. High Masons Know If You Are Running Around Supporting A Bullshit Corporate Agenda And A Low Blood Cult. Or Real Spirit And Human Interest. 

The Meditation Or Contemplation Is. This Word. What Does It Do? What Tool Is It. What is Its Utility. Like Racist. A Tool That At Times Is Not Appropriate And Bigoted. And At Times Needed For Our Safety, Security And Progress.

Keep In Mind My Work In This Area Will Span Multiple Language Scripts And Even Though Our Occult Keys Will Remain Private We Will Still Do Occasional Lessons Like This And Use Intelligence From Our Occult Keys To Improve The Efficacy Of Our Casting. If You Study Our Work, Your Casting Should Improve Also.

When You Start Decoding And Looking For References To Saturn. It Becomes Depressing How Much Shit Is Saturnian. How Do You Get Past It If Everything Is Saturn? How Can You When Every Word With P / J / R / S Implies Saturnian Unholiness.

Deeper Knowledge Of The Letters And Things Like Numerology Reads Helps You Understand Precisely What Dimensions Of Saturn You Invoke.

This Deep Decoding Skill, Helps Break Curses Cast By Perpetual Mental Abuse Platforms Like The BBC And Youtube.

I’ll Get To The Geometry.

But Just Starting With An Example.

If You Say RBA (As In Reserve Bank). An Initial Read Would Be.

SIMPLE READ: “Saturn Physical Death Divine”.

So Wrong Physical Death.

But It’s Not Shit Pipe Death. Its Basically Heavy Material Physical Death.

Will Get Detail On That Soon. But Wanted To Give You An Other Geometric Example With ABBA. What Jew Knee Grows Can Call Me.

One Of The Big Mason Mysteries Is The Right Name For God.

Although Many Would Guess Things Like Yahweh. Some Come To The Conclusion ‘Stuart’ Is The Most Appropriate Term.

By Doing A Reading. We Can See. ABBA. Is A Divine Physical Death Doorway. Every Day It’s About Choosing The Right Gates And Doorways. I Even Do It When I Walk Through Cities And Choose Places To Go.

The Geometric Considerations Of The B Are Simple.

You Take Your Golden Arches. And Tell Em. You Not So Tough Now. Flip Em Up On Their Side.

So The Golden Arches. Are A Downward Channeling Mechanism. For Sewer Water / Aqueduct Water To Flow Through. Or In The “Go West” Image We Posted. You Can See He Is Pointing To The Church Arches. Obviously An Inward Channeling Mechanism For Air Or Sound.

So The B, The Sideways Geometry, Makes It More Like A Wing Or Double Wing That Would Lift The 1 Into The Air. It Channels Spirit In A Way That Would Give Vertical Lift. It Would Be Worth Casting ABBA With One B Flipped Horizontal.

Real Nice Gateway. Hella Ascensional. Thats One Really Nice Post Saturn Ascension Example Which Are HARD to Find.

If You Think About The Deeper Purposes Of Masonry. It Is – Are You Going To Stand As A Man Or Human Being. Or Are You Going To Let The Devil Coerce You Into Being A Cockroach Running Around After Paper Selling Humanity Out?

An Example Is Men And Anal Sex.

Really. I Don’t Know A Lot Of Men That Lust After Man Crumpet. Other Than Andrea Saxony. He Love A Bit.

But An Example Of What They Did In My Life. Like One Night I Got Mad Pissed On Songkran. Im Talking Maggot.

And This Cult Faggot. James Alexy Cool. Nice Cult Name Faggot. He Was A Real Faggot. Takes Me To A Gay Bar.

The Minute I Saw Him Tongue Wrestling A Man. I Bailed.

Obviously. I Can Be Shit Faced. And Still Not Want Man Crumpet. Just Not What We Wanted Ever Since Being Kids.

Keep In Mind. If You Are Raped As A Man. It’s Not On You. God Doesn’t See It That Way.

There Will Always Be Men Physically Stronger. So If You Are Cult Raped. Just Work On Getting Stronger.

Next Time Carry A Blade. Keep Faggots Away From You. God Has Patience For Men In Troubled Situations. But None For Men Who Practice Abuse.

That Was A Risk For Me In Jail. Was Assaulted In The Shower First Night. Second Day I Searched Around For Weapons.

And Then Because There Was A Particular Dude Outside At One Moment. Decided To Get Shit Popping Off. Took On A Bunch Of Dudes At Once And Did Some Real Bodily Harm. Dats My Work.

They Thought A Little Harder About Messing With Me From Then On. 

But In Terms Of Occult Ability.

Im Stronger Than People Like Crowley. Because He Fucked Men.

The Creator Only Gives You So Much Power If You Bend Down To Different Physical Desires And Dark Occult Forces. 

So Going Post Saturn Is Standing As A Man And Getting Past The Downward Spirit Channeling Forces (Golden Arches). Reaching Gods Light.

But Saturn Has A Variety Of Dimensions.

I Was Meditating On Post Saturn Ascension But Couldn’t Find Much. I Really Want To Reduce The Amount Of Stuff That Reads As Saturn Shit Pipe Because There Is HEAPS.

The R Is Similar To B In Geometry. A Real Powerful Tool To Understand What Is Going On Is Your Numerology Read. 

It Is Almost A 1 With A Saturn Sickle. Or A Less Effective / Partial Upward Wing Channeling Compared To The B. 

The Alpha Numerology of R Being 18. Early On We Compared to 666 Because That is One Division.

I Don’t Like To Rest On That As A Conclusion Because It Divides By Multiple Things.

The number 18 is divisible by 6 number(s).

This lists out all of the divisors of 18:


The Numbers Don’t Suggest Like Saturn Blocking Or Terminating.

9 Is Ascensional. 2 Is Almost A Dividing Gate. 3 Is Energising. 6 Descensional.

R Is About Saturn Energising The Physical Plane.

If You Watch Quasi’s Channel. He Says In His Rants “Saturn Is Throwing Down The Square Wave.”

In My Work I Say, Jew Knee Grows Is Throwing Down The Baal Square.

The Whole Material World Is Built Of Compounds With Hexagonal / Cubic Structures.

It Needs To Be Energised. Saturn, Which Some Say Used To Be A Much Bigger Sun. Is One Amongst A Variety Of Elements That Energises The Material Plane. A Critical Function. Learning Is – We Need Saturn, Just Not Shit Pipe Saturn.

I Recently In My Work Referenced A Spiritual Order Who’s Leader Shunned Wealth. That Story Seems Like A Genuine Ascension Story.  If You Think We Are Trying To Fuck You In The Brains With Our History. Like Alex The Greatest. King Jimmy Chuck Stumeister. Etc. Keep In Mind I Critique Our Own People And History. Like CONstantine. 

I Like That Waldensians Story. But I Don’t Believe Being in Spirit Means Choosing Poverty. I Believe Command Of Spirit Means Primacy Over The Material World That God Will Facilitate If He Sees The Correct Decision Making And Custodianship Of Humanity.

So Using R. Don’t Think Sub Saturn Blocker. Think Energising Physical Plane. Another Way To Think About The Geometry Is It’s A 1 With A Half Saturn Sickle And A Pipe Down To The Physical Plane.

Hope Y’all Appreciate The Value Of These Deep Contemplations On The Faculty Of Each Letter.

Am Going To Begin This Meditation Against The Greek Alphabet Script Soonish As I Believe It Will Be Powerful.

More Soon.


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