Deep Geometric Occultism Behind The S And The $ Symbol. 

I’m Going To Try And Keep This Short Because It’s Just A Few Small Observations I Have On The S.

You Will Have Noticed I Have Changed Most Of My Reads On This From “Unholy” To ”Pharaonic Eye”.

The Main Thing That Made Me Change My Perspective Was The Number 19 Associated With The Letter S.

Obviously The S Is Associated With The Striking Cobra That Was On The Headdress Of The Pharaoh.

So That’s The Core Occultism Pertaining To The Letter S – Now I Will Talk About The Dollars Sign.

When I Was In Thailand I Made This Image:

Notice The Slanting Ascensional Lines On The THB?

I Put Those In Because I Noticed The Thais On the Street Would Diagonally Score Their THB Signs.

Obviously Meaning The Promotion Of THB.

On That Picture. Yeah Separate The Red From The Blue Promotion Of THB. Kind Of Valid Concept.

But One Of The Messages I Kept Getting Through In Thai Media Was, They Are Not interested In Their Money. They Don’t Want Us There Dishing Out Wads Of THB. Why? What Do They Want?

Maybe I Thought They Want My Holy Seed?

So They Can Birth Divine White Beings. Beings Of Great Intelligence. Beings Of Unparalleled Beauty. Like Myself.

Maybe Not.

What I Think They Really Want. Is Beings That Bring The Right Energy. And The Right Knowledge Of The History Of Their Lands As Well As Our Own. The Right Knowledge Of Nature. So That They Earn Their Place In Gods Kingdom. So That They Earn Their Place On The Lands. So That They Renew Their Own Health And Their Own Divine Transmutation. Renewing Their Intergenerational Contract With Their Creator. As I Have Already Speculated We Have Already Done.

That’s Kind Of What They Are Suggesting When They Say, They Don’t Really Want A Fat Stack Of THB.

Because Just As We Know In Our Language, The Dollar Is Associated With The Latin Etymology Of Suffering (DOLOR). Well The THB Is A Currency Obviously Backed By The Suppression of The Divine Eye. So If You Are Willing To Run Around Their Land And Fuck Murder The Divine Races. There Is A Force Somewhere There Willing To Hand You A Stack Of THB. 

But The Thais. Or More Accurately. The Siamese Know About Divinity. And The Smart Know That A Place In The Divine Order Is A More Valuable Acquisition Than A Stack Of THB.

So What I’m Getting To With Those Points. Just As In That Picture I Referenced The Promotion Of THB (The Diagonal Score). As in The Promotion Of Transmutation Defence Divine Physical Death.

Have You Noticed.

In Our Newspapers Recently.

They Are Using A Dollars Sign. With A Diagonal Strike?

I Might Be Clutching At Straws With This Observation. Because When I Cut And Paste The Character. It Seems To Only Be A CSS Style. And Not An Actual Character. I Can’t Really Find Such A Txt Character.

But You Can See In This Table Here. It Seems Also They Show A Rendition Of The Dollar With A Diagonal Strike. 

So Just As The Official Rendition Of The THB Is:


Meaning And Square Division Of The Divine Physical Death.

The Thais On The Street Render It As A Diagonal Strike, Obviously Some Communication Of How They Practice Business.

What Then Would It Mean Rendering The Dollar Symbol With A Diagonal Strike?

Im Guessing The Promotion Of The Pharaonic Eye?

Im Guessing.

The Standard Dollar Sign $

Is A Straight Cut Or Division. Meaning Its Divide Of The S Or The Ascensional Eye. And Your Perpetual Reliance On The Dollar, Instead Of Connecting With The Mystical Manifestations That Come From The Pharaonic Eye. Is The Cause Of Your Suffering.

This I Think Is Some Of The Deep Occultism Behind Particularly Relating To The Dollar. Im Not Sure If There Is Any Basis To This Occultism Behind How We Practice Business With The Dollar. But It Is Practice In Other Cultures. Generally I Feel With Money, You Don’t Have To Stop Using it. Just Know The Occult Numbers And Symbolism And Try To Wield It As A Divine Tool.

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