Coonish Corrections Officers

Wanted To Tell A Story So That Our People Understand How Media / Music Culture Distorts Reality.

When I First Got Raided By Piggers In Coffs, It Was A Fairly Violent Raid.

After The Raid, I Drove Up To Nimbin Next Day To Grab A Sack Of Tree (Piggers Took The Last Of My Herb). Then I Moved All Of My Shit From Coffs To QLD Doing 2 x Trips By Car. Shit Load Of Driving In A Short Time.

Obviously Everyone Knows We Were Raided. As Soon As I Was Settled Back In QLD I Called A Business Associate To Order Stock. A Company we worked with shipping a Cannabis Related Kitchen Product.

American. This Story is About Rap Culture / Nigger Culture. Being Transparent This Associate Wasn’t Negro, But Probably Jewish.

Anyways, I Said To Them, I Want To Order Stock, Double For X-Mas Season. I Said, Ill Get 1 Box On Standard Terms, 1 On Payment In Advance. I Was Really Moving The Relationship Forward. And They In Response Tightened The Screws. Like Suggested Removal Of The 30 Day terms.

I Was Like, …..U Mean We Just Got Pig Raided By Supporting Your Product And U Want To Make The Business Less Profitable?

I Dumped The Relationship Soon After.

But I Thought After That, Like Rap Culture Is All Like.

“I Bailed My Nigger Out”

You Will never Have A Nigger Bail You Out.

The Truth Of The Matter Is If You Are In Prison. The Most Likely Reason Is That A Filthy Nigger Has Put You There. The Niggers Assemble In Gangs. Join Formal Masonry. And Practice The Deep Occultism That Makes Up The Daily News.

But They Don’t Get The Balls To Walk A True Path. They Don’t Get The Balls To Say, Motherfuck Them All. Im Going To Do Truth Even If It’s At My Expense.

Listen To Rap Music. It Gets To The Point It’s Boring.

Track Lyrics:
Im A Rich Nigger
Im A Rich Nigger.
Im A Bad Nigger
Im A Bad Nigger.
Ive Got A Gun Nigger.


You’re A Fuckin Filthy Coon Thats In A Cult That Puts Your Own Coon Clique First And You Are A Pestilence On Our Humanity.

You Are Such A Filthy Nigger You Haven’t Even Learned To Use Your Being The Way God Created It.

And This Time In Manilla Was It A Nigger That Got Me Out Of The Pen. No. It Was A Fuckin Nigger That Put Me In It.

Who Bails You Out In The Long Run?

Me Elderly Mums & Pops.

Who Had To Call The Embassies And File A Missing Person Report.

These Dumb Blood Niggers Are Going To Get It Right. Or They Are All Purge Flesh.

The Fact Of The Matter Is, To Go Through The Gates We Go Through.

You Need Intellect. You Need That Base Rational Intelligence. But You Need To Also Learn A Command Of Spirit That Only Comes From Practice And Sacrifice Toward The Right End.

We Are Ascending To Places That Are Sublime.

And If You Don’t Make The Sacrifice.

You Are Not Coming With Us.

It’s That Simple.

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