Bella Brown – What The Colour Means To The Curse Cults

So I Told You This Date Rape Tale Before. I Guess Im The Real Victim Of Rape Here. This Is Kind Of A Sequel To That.

But Before I Get In To The Sequel.

I Wanted To Add. About Where The Source Of The Rape Topic On That Night Came From.

Yeah Its Deff That Kind Of Time Travel Thing Where Some Forces Knew This Conversation Was Going To Come Down The Piper. But Truth is. Such Things Happen To Transgressing Women All Throughout History. And In All Kinds Of Cultures. As We Come To Write Specifically On This Topic. You Will See. Demonic Sexual Witch Demons Are Pulled From The Skies And Punished. Really Their Own Doing.

But What I Think It Probably Is. Is Early Butterfly Abuse. Which Would Be Being Practiced By Their Family And Family Blood Lines. As I Told You. I Was Upset.  And They Try All Kinds Of Shit. You Are Gay. You Are A Pedo. You Are A Rapist. You Smell Bad. Blah Blah Blah. Its 666 Cult Suppression. It’s The Jew Pig Consciousness Parasite. They Will Never Stop.

Simply Telling Them To Go Get Fucked. Go Suck A Dick Is The Easiest Solution. 

So Thats Some Closure On That Story For Me.

But I Wanted To Share This Photo.

You Can See The Symbolism In The Photo.

She Is Pointing To Like “Promoting Brown”

So First, What Is Brown?

Wont Write A Full Read.

But A Utility Read Is Basically Wrong Physical Death Shit Pipe. 

So If You Look At The Yellow Asians – Corruption Of Humanity. Its Like A Jaundice Skin Condition. It’s Bad Breeding.

And The Browns. Like Indo Browns.  It’s Some Type Of Yellow Mixed With Some Type Of Nigger. And The Read Is Wrong Death. Probably Because They Conduct Themselves Like Swine And Can’t Resonate With God. Because Of The Complexion And The Blood.

The Yellow Asians Are Always Trying To Mix With White. Siamese, Japanese, Chinese Are Always Trying To Get A Paler Complexion. Why Wouldn’t You? White. Caucasian Seems Like The Nicest Energetic State.

Anyways Thats The Background Of Brown.

Now The Key Point On That Photo. It Was Before I Had Had A Real Sexual Relationship. It Was Years Before I Slept With Bella. And It Was Many Years Before We Had ‘That’ Particular Type Of Sex.

Just A Quick Side Note. I Have Already Told You Anal Is A Powerful Strengthening Flesh Transmutation. And The Duhhhhh Moment Is. If You Do That With Your Wife, Girlfriend Or Lover. And You Are Both Healthy. There Is No Brown Involved Whatsoever. So The Creator. Who Has No Patience For Immaturity When It Comes To Sex Knowledge. Knows People Who Play This Game. Are Immature Head Sick Faggots. Who Will One Day Pay the Cost For Their Own Ignorance And Transgression.

So Looking At The Complexity And Premeditation Of The Hand Sign. It’s Fairly Sinister Pre Planning Wouldn’t You Think? Like Years Before? Really?

I Don’t Even Attempt To Make Such Complex Masonic Hand Gestures. I Just Try To Be Natural In The Moment. Its No Real Issue If You Do Try That Practicing Masonry. But As You See It Can Leave Incriminating Time Stamps As To Your Intention. Sometimes I See People Making Masonic Gestures And Just Think. Geeze How Do You Even Pull That Off?

So Why Were Their Family Pre Planning Promotion Of Brown?

Because They Are In An Incorrect Physical Death Cult. Just Like Members Of My Broader Family. That’s How They Break Bread. Feeding On Peoples Life And Death. Bella Studies Dalabon. Again. Wrong Death Curse Speak. So They Colab With The Coon Cults. And Feed On Blood. They Don’t Teach Right Life Right Death. And They Think People Will Remain Too Ignorant To Figure This Out.

If You Look At My Intention. The First Time I Read “Bella Brown” In The Newspaper. I Was Mortified. I Made This Picture Right Away. Basically Telling Her Where We Were Going. To Protect Her. I Didn’t Even Write A Detailed Response Because I Figure What I Did In Bed With Ex Girlfriend. Was Not A Head Sick Jew Pig Cults Business. But Thats Immaterial To Them Its Not What They Are Practicing And Its Not Their Desired Outcome. They Would Rather See Suppression And Death. That’s Their Families Livelihood. Thats How The Swedish / Danish Cults Work. Thats How They Have Chosen To Put Their Daughters To Use.

I Mean. To Give You An Example Of My Spirit. Just Some Months Ago. I Emailed An Old Girlfriend. And Said. I Have Been Worrying About You. If Anyone Gets Head Sick In Your Presence. As They Do With Me. All It Takes Is An Email. And We’ll Have Their Fuckin Neck. Sometimes Sex Relationships Are Fleeting. But Maintaining The Right Spirit Of Defence And Care Is Critical. If The Person Is At Least Trying To Take The Right Direction.

But These Women Disappear Off Into The Ether. And You Randomly Find Your Likeness Being Rendered In A Music Video. And They Expect You Are Going To Cry For An Eternity And Write Love Poems. Not Manually Purge Your Being By Walking, Working And Jerking Off. And Then Breaking Down And Teaching Men What These Cults Do. And They Stalk You With Harassment Technology. And Communicate With You In All Kinds Of Mysterious Cult Ways.

I Was Never Looking For Girlfriends That Could Prove To Me They Have A PHD In Cult Quackery. Sometimes The Frankness And Down To Earth Attitude Is What Wins Love.

Anyways Thats The Story About Brown.

And How The Cults See It.

It’s Another Incorrect Physical Death Buzz Word. Cult Code Word.

But On Exploration Its Ignorance. And Retard Game.

And Thats How Sick The Pre Meditated Planning Is. Years Ahead. They Plan What Is Going To Happen In Bed. And How They Are Going To use Their Media Contacts To Abuse And Exploit It. And They Wonder Why They Get Raped? Gee I Wonder It’s Such A Mystery.

My Advice To People Would Be. Just Be Natural With Your Relationships, Lovers And Sex. The Creator Knows All. How You Felt. How You Touched. Amplifying Abuse With Broadcast Tech. And Head Sick Pre Meditation. Only Leaves Cults In Hot Water.

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