Going To Try And Bang Out A Quick Post On The Baphomet.

What is It?

So, Homie Hans, Calls It A Bapho Cult? Is That Correct.

First. Some Notes On Homie Hans.

All Of His Shit Is Not Perfect. Being Honest, At First I’m Sure He Was Briefed Like Many Youtubers. To Fuck Me In The Brains.

He Has Also Taught Me A Bunch Of Occult Stuff That Other People Just Won’t Teach You. I Just Like Watching Channels Where People Study The Bible.

He Also Has A Tendency To Say, Jesus Will Save You. That Is Actually Not Really What The Bible Teaches. I’ll Talk About The Jesus Thing Later.

So Study His Stuff, Its An Eye Opener. But Also Cross Reference With Other People.

Bapho Cult. Wrong Or Right?

It’s Not A Bad Stab At The Scenario.

I Say. Jew Pig Cult. Or. Saturn Jew Pig Cult.

Saturn Cult Might Be Ok. If You Don’t Want To Offend A Jew Pig.

Given That The Baphomet Was Used As An Initiation Tool By The Templars. And, The Mummy Movies Teaches Us To Break The Templar Spirit. Its Reasonable Call. Bapho Cult.

But At A Deeper Level, What Is It?

So Don’t Worship The Baphomet. It’s Not A God. We Shouldn’t Worship False Idols.

I Think It Is Two Things.

I Use It To Symbolise A Transmutation. A Particular Type Of Transmutation That I Take From the Read of GOAT.

So That’s An Interpretation. The Inverted Star On The Bapho Beasts Bonce Is Also A Deep Occult Wisdom We Need To Acquire Which I Will Touch On Later. (It Seems Some Baphomets Have Inverted Pentagrams And Some Standard. Will Discuss Both Concepts Later.)

But Really What I Think It Is…….. Wikipedia Says Its A Deity. Its Not. Again, Chances Of You Catching Me Worshiping A Goat God. Slim. But Meditate On It.

What It Is?

They Say During Initiation. Templars Were Taken Into Deep Chambers And Put In Front Of A Baphomet.

It’s A Tool That Is Meant To Awaken The Human Being To The True Nature Of The Human Being.

We Tend To Be Stubborn Meat Suits. We Have Mirrors To Look Into. But, We Can Look Into A Mirror. And Be Stuck in Vanity. Thats Most Of Their Use In Fact.

We Are Ignorant As To The Nature Of Our Being And Its Capabilities.

If You Look At My Picture Of Stuey Da Minion With Electric Bolts Coming Out Of Bonce And Hands, Its Kind Of Saying A Similar Thing.

Do You Think A Dog Looks In The Mirror And Knows What A Dog Is? Probably Not Exactly. That Deeper Self Awareness Is A Harder Piece.

But That Is What The Baphomet Is Meant To Teach Us, The True Higher Nature Of Our Being Which Resides In Spirit But Remains Grounded In Earth.

If The Higher Ups Dont See You Grasp That Nature. You Are Not Blessed With All Of The Faculties That You Can Be.

Thats What I Figured It Is. Will Write About Inverted Pentagram Later.

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