Audio Vs Light As A Comms Tech And Ethereal Transmutation Technology (Comparison)

I Want To Write About This Because I Know I Have Promised It And Probably Not Covered The Topic Before In Detail.

Doing The Ground Work As We Teach About The High Elemental Hexing Practiced By The Blue Blood Cults In Europe And The Americas. And Briefing On The Technology Utilised In The Hexing.

I Said Previously. I Chose To Use Light Over Sound. Cheaper. And Many Times. Ive Time Compressed My Production.

Understand. Because The Cults Front Run What You Produce On Your Computer.

And Poison The Ether In Advance. It’s An Advantage. To Drop An Idea In A Couple Of Minutes. Because It’s Harder For Them To Prep The Media In Advance. I Had That Elton John Pic On My Desktop For A Few Days. They Announced His Retirement On The BBC Before I Dropped It. They Are Really Worried Of Ending Up In The Noose Situation As People Discover How Treacherous The Jew Cults Have Been.  

So Stamping Out Even Just Static Light. As In Images. Even Photos. Fast. Cheap. Effective Comms Tech.

Sound Is A Different Medium That I Have Studied In Detail.

Because Sound Is A Vibrational Energy Wave. It’s Much More Effective In Altering Emotion.

So With The Light Hexing. On All Of Your Screens. They Pipe Violent Light. Manipulative Light Down. Through Television And Internet. Literally Trying To Penetrate Your Skull.

Cursing Your Vision Of The Natural Spirit Plane. So We Say Hermetic Plane. Infinite Plane.

Your Vision And Your Middle Eye. Is Designed To See Into The Spirit Realm Or Spirit Plane.

And Reality Is Constructed Of Natural Human Projections Into That Plane. It Looks Like An Etheric Pool. I Think Living Waters May Be Some Way To Describe It.

With Light They Are Always Trying To Push False Light Over You. Humans Are Easily Entertained By Movies And Magazine Etc.

They Can Produce This Stuff Fast And Cheap. Presumably The Guys That Sell Their Soul. Allow The Studios To Pump Our AI Movies Using Their Likeness. And They Can Drop A Whole Film In Just Days Using Synthetic AI. Including Temporal Manipulation / Light Abuse. The Whole Bit.

So Where As Light Creates Mental Distortions, Manipulations And Abuse.

The Sound – Like I Taught The Heart Seals Your Energy Workings Into The Realm.

The Emotional Music They Produce. Seals The Emotion Of Your Relationships Into Your Being. It Encapsulates And Influences Your Being.

And They Play It Like Switches.

Right Now. Everywhere I Go They Are Playing My Music.

Looking At All The Bands I Listened To Young. They All Tell You They Are Dead. Jeff Buckley Etc.

But The Images Im Posting Of Buckley. They Don’t Look Old. And They Don’t Look Dead.

I Don’t Really Know What Is Happening There.

But It’s Possible. The Music Is Produced Specifically For Emotionally Sealing In The Emotionality Of Your Relationship. And Then Later Energetically / Emotionally Abusing You. So They May Plan Tempo, Tone, Pace, Lyrics To Emotionally Seal You Into A Relationship. Then Pull Their Cat On Command. And Then Try Suicide You. I Already Showed You My Brothers EX As An Avatar In A Music Video. Haven’t Decoded That Yet. But It’s Some Type Of Light Energy Transmutation / Seal.

Like When I Was In Thailand Producing Images Of Bella. They Don’t Give A Fuck About Relationships. All They Care About is That Another Of Their Curse Cats Is Saturn Fuck Emotion Raping You. It’s Like I Said Of Niggers. Its Energy Extraction. They Run A Conveyor Belt. Infinite Curse Niggers. Infinite Curse Cats.

I Mentioned In Batangas And Roxas. The Were Running “Im Lonely” Music. Because Everywhere I Went. The Women Were Briefed To Be Spirit Curse. So They Control The Whole Environment. Toxic Women. Toxic Light. Toxic Audio Waves Designed Emotionally Poison Your Soul.

I Think Thats The Core Point Of Audio. More Physical Emotion Than Mind Hexing. Powerful Because They Project Energetic Waves.

But They Are Trying To Seal Your Whole Body Into Depression. By Giving You Cat. Taking It Away. And Then Emotionally Abusing You. 

It’s Easy To Cleanse Out. You Keep Cumming. Cry. Exercise. Healthy Diet.

And The More Women You Cleanse Out Of Your Heart. And Your Eye Gets Better At Seeing The Hex And The Curse. Then You Can Spot It On Your Next Broad Faster. 

Men Might Not Be Aware Of The Sophistication Of Their Energetic Manipulation Technology.

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