A Story: Waking From A Curse In Lucid Sleep

This is a really strange story.

Although I don’t see this stream having a lot of these kind of posts. Occasionally I like to write about experiences to keep a record for later in the future.

I remember I wrote a post in the past that contained really obscure christian ecclesiastical Numerology concepts.

It’s valuable to share that information and I think that it supports the people that basically watch Over us.

Anyways, This story comes from last night.

Had a regular day, did some work and started nodding off to sleep really easily.

I can’t really remember if this occurred when I was nodding off or while I was actually deep in my sleep.

But at some point in the night I was so lucid in my sleep it was almost like I was in My ethereal body or my ethereal body was trying to detach and release.

I couldn’t tell you if it was a dream or real.

But it felt like an almighty powerful force reached down and completely seized my body.

I was thrashing and trying to escape it but my whole body was just locked down tight like an almighty powerful force placed both of its hands on the back of my shoulders and just forced me Down and was not going to permit me to escape my body. I remember trying to escape it And just thinking “What the FUCK is this”……”GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME” – I couldn’t escape. It felt like I was Seized and locked for a full 5 minutes.

The whole experience didn’t even wake me up.

When I did wake I was just normal and energized. As I started my morning walk into town I was just like ‘what the fuck
Was that all about.’ It was weird. On the streets the next morning there were a bunch of lower elemental goonies stalking me around. We are really shaking the tree at this point and a lot of demons are going to fall from it because of the work we have done.

Just like our societies use etheric projection technologies I think there are people that have lower elemental manipulation
Technologies and can reach across the lands to hex and manipulate people.

Not sure what the complete physical lock was about. Was it meant to be Punishing. Warning. Or Maybe some type of energetic awakening spell? No clue.

When you start breaking hexes. Especially the big ones. You release a lot of energy. It makes lots of demons angry and they start coming for you.

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