1 Crowded Hour

Wanted To Share Some Thoughts On How To Get That Harmonic Energetic Return We Talk About. Another Way To Say It Would Be Gaining The Favor Of Your Creator.

It’s Difficult Work That We Do. Imagine Going Into A Nation With A Good Spirit And Intention. Being Absolutely Abused By A Monster Curse. But Still Having To Sort The Wheat From The Chaff. And Identify The People Who Are Acting With Good Spirit. It’s Not Always The People You Think. In Nations Like America For Years We Call Out The Kids On The Street Who Are Singing Songs About Genocide. We Call Out Every Day People Who Look Like A Malicious Force Is Secretly Forcing Them Down A Shit Pipe.

The Conflict And Violence We Have Had With African People Is Regrettable. The Fact Of The Matter Is I Have 10 Years Of Advocacy For African Peoples Rights. That In Many Cases Called To Put The Wishes Of African People Above The Police, The Legal System, The Government. But The True Forces Communities Of People Seek To Serve Is Complex. People Have Different Beliefs And Work Toward Different Goals. It’s Fine We Have Diversity In Belief And Direction. But A Time Comes Where If Peoples Are Violently Misaligned With Our Direction And A Spirit That We Can See With The Naked Eye, Correction Is Required.

It’s Almost Like What We Do Is Scrape A Layer Of Scum Off The Top, And Let The Good Stuff That’s Trying To Grow Underneath Have An Opportunity.

Advice On Gaining The Blessing Of A Force That Can Gift Your Being With Spirit That Heals And Opens Energetic Gateways That Literally Allows You To Create The World And Life You Envision. Try Standing Up And Protecting Something That Other People Don’t Yet Know Need Protecting. Just Like We Did For African Communities, Indigenous Communities, And Every Day People In America.

For Me It Was A Blessing To Find That Through The Hardest Of Times And Being Subjected To Violence From The Sickest Of Forces. There Were People Protecting Things That I Didn’t Even Know Needed Being Protected.

There Are Many People In Our Nations That Have Been Victimised By The Malicious Forces I Speak Of. Some Submit To It. Some Give Up.

To Defeat This Force Requires Continued Development Of Your Own Intelligence. Continued Seeking Of Light. Continued Checking That The Energy You Excerpt Is Being Acknowledged And Responded To. Sometimes You Will Find From The Most Unexpected Places.

Many People Aspire For Success In Wealth, Family And Career. But Few People Set Their Mind To Saying That They Want To See The Whole Thing Look Like Its Going In The Right Direction. That They Want To See The Light Of The Future Corrected.

If You See My Reading List, There Is A Book Called Transmutation Through Ascension. It’s A Story Of A Woman Practising Health And Ascension That Comes Under Attack From Violent Forces. A Basic Life Path That Puts Wellbeing And Good Spirit Before Material Wealth Will Almost Assure You Meet Such Forces.

For Those Who Go Through Suffering And Hardship, I Can Confirm That Even In Times When You Have Nothing Left But Your Own Being. The Creator Can Heal You, Absolve You Of Sin And Create Pathways That Allow You To Create The Universe That You Want To Create.

If You Follow The Same Path As Us, You May Have To Go Through The Most Unpleasant Of Experiences. It Is The Word Of The Bible That Regardless Of The Hardships You Endure, It Is Forbidden For You To End The Journey.

We Have Already Illustrated To You People The Benefits That Our Path Offers. Despite The Struggle, I Can Assure You That Studying What We Teach And Practicing What We Practice Has Far Greater Benefits To The Alternate Path.

I Would Imagine At This Point Some Folk Have Fallen On Troubled Times. Those People Have Already Taken Their Pound Of Flesh And A Great Deal Of Our Time.

It Is Important We Continue Moving Forward Building Our Own Peoples Security And Future Which They Are Working So Hard To Snuff Out.

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