Glossa (Dog Latin)

This Is An Interesting Photo.

I Just Grabbed A Photo Off My Cousins Facebook Page.

I Like To Look At Photos And Try And Read Them And See Where People Are At.

Paul, My Cousin. I Spent A Lot Of Time With While Young But Haven’t Seen His Family Ever, Just Because Of My Own Busyness.

Anyway It’s Really Clear What You Can See In The Photo.

They Are All Below The All Upper Case Text.

I Can’t Remember What The Text Is Called.

Study Romley Stewart’s Glossa and Justinian Deception Channels. He Explains This In Detail.

But That Text Is Meaningless. It’s What They Show Dead People. People That Aren’t Comprehending.

So With The Roman Churches And Stone Buildings Over Time The Dead Are Lead Into The Chambers And Tombs Inside Beneath The All Caps Text. The Dead World.

The Living Remain Outside The Stone Chambers In The Outside World. The World Of The Living.

It’s Called A Glossa. But It’s Also Called Something Like Dog Latin Or American Sign Language. I Cant Remember The Formal Term.

It Means This Family They Aren’t Using Their Intelligence Enough To Break The Babylonian Administration Of Their Trust.

I Used This Concept To Start Breaking The Administration Of My Trust By Just Writing Letters To My GVT And Saying Why Is There This Corrupt All Caps Text on My Fines.

To Start Doing This Stuff And Breaking The Administration Of Archons Amongst Us Its As Easy As Learning Some Of Our Decode Reads And Just When You Use Words Be A Little More Choosy. Know If Your Words Are Holy Or Unholy. Stop Using The Shit Words. It’s A Finessing Of Intelect That Amongst Utilities Like Alphabets And Numbers The Creator Expects Of Us.

It’s Interesting To See One Of The Sons Head Is Just Up Above The Text. Of Course No Coincidence. No Coincidences With The Creator. This May Be A Signal That This Sun Is Demonstrating Signs Of Higher Intellect.

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