Listen To Me Ramble About My Garden

Wanted Tell You Guys About The Work I’m Doing in My Garden.

Mum And Dad Went Away So I Took Dads Chainsaw And Cut Down A Bunch Of Trees That Were Growing In The Wrong Direction And Blocking Out The Light.

Dad Got A Bit Cranky About The Size Of The Dead Tree Pile. Not A Huge Issue Though Because Mum And Dad Are Paying To Take It Away So I Cut Down A Lot of Trees And Just Let The Pile Build Up.

I Clear Out Whole Areas. I Call It Reclaiming Land. Chop Down A Bunch Of Trees And Weeds And Then Mow The Grass Until You Are Left With Level Ground So That Eye Can Plant New Seeds. Im Looking At Solutions To Put In Multi Level Outdoor Growing Racks In Places To Maximise Productivity. It’s A Bit Frustrating Because I Have Already Cleared Out The Same Areas 2 Years Ago Now Im Going Through It Again.

Also Poisoning Some Large Camphor Laurels To Let In The Light Which I Told You About Before. They Are All Leaning Away From The House So Easy Targets. 

Operation Bok Choi Is Going Well. I Have Heaps Of Bok Choi In Small Pots. Doing A Few Other Types Of Plants. It Will Only Ever Be A Couple Of Hours A Day. Like Mixing My Day Up With Outdoor Gardening And The Serious Work.

Have A Project That I’m Probably Still Years Off But I Want To Build A Home On The Back Half Of The Land. I Want That Construction Experience. Id Build A Lot Of It With Resource Already Here.  I Get Telephone Calls About For Example The Dodgy Construction Work That Is Going On In The Large Urban Developments In Australia. Because It’s Just A Bunch Of Pigs Grubbing. No Knowledge Of The Ancient Wisdom. Strange Side Point But I Have Also Been Briefed To Develop Technology To Replace Uber. I Don’t Really Want To Build Everything. I Just Want To See Competitive Non corrupt Markets With Many Players. 

Im Spending A Bit Of Time Doing Aloe And Have A Variety Of Strains. I Use It On My Skin Daily And Cold Press Juice It With Orange, Pear And Carrot. I’ve Got A Really Big Aloe Growing Area That I’m Working Through Fixing Up, Tons Of Time Required Just To Get Up To Date On That. Aside From Ganja, Aloe Has Been One Of My Successes.

Kind Of Good To Do The Clearing Work For Mum And Dad While I’m Here So It Doesn’t Make The House Look Run Over With Jungle.

Not Going To Do Heaps Of Food / Plant Types. Really Interested On Specialising On Certain Crops And Getting Good With Them Like I Did With Cannabis.

Leave It There, That’s What’s Going On In The Garden. It’s Just One Stream Of Work. On Top Of A Bunch Of Others.

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