Garden Update

Want To Talk About Some Of The Gardening Stuff Im Doing.

Video Tells Most Of The Story. One Of The Points Im Trying To Make Is. We All Want Big Land. But For Me, There Is No Way At This Point I Could Actually Practically Utilise Big Land. Turn It All Productive.

Using What We Have Now. To Run Practice Projects To Get My Skills Up.

I Actually Believe One Day. In Australia. If You Have Good Skills. They Will Hand You A Piece Of Land And Say, Turns This Productive.

In Terms of Capital And Equipment. Im Finding Really Basic Gardening Tools Get Most of The Work Done. It’s Knowing About What To Use And When.

I Would Say You Could Get Major Work Done One Land With A Tool Budget Of Below $1000 And Some Serious Back Work. Im Clearing 4 – 5 Areas At The Moment.

Vegetable Practice Is Going Good. Running Different Experiments With Project Bok Choy. Have 200 Planted By Now.

Haven’t Spent Heaps Of Money On Gear, But Am Turning Everything I Buy Into Planters Etc. And Generally I Feel Like I Have Tons Of Stuff To Work With. Have More Stuff Than I Have Time To Put To Use. Not Really Wanting Or Feeling Resource Constrained For What Is Just Practice And Research For Now.

One Last Thing I Wanted To Share, I Have Probably Mentioned The First Tree Before. But I Want To Begin Practicing Growing Ghost Gums From Seed. Seems Like There Are Different Styles Of Ghost Gums.

The Ghost Gums On Our Block A Super Tall And Straight. Will Try And Find The Genus And Cultivate Them. Just A Small Batch Will Be Fine Because They Occupy A Lot Of Space. I Might Even See If Its Possible To Cultivate From The Pollen They Drop Each Year.

Finally I Have Decided To Practice Cultivating Red Cedar Trees. Seems Like There Are Some Cheap Seeds Available So Should Be Able To Run That Project Soon.

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