Eternal Life: What’s The Big Point About Energy?

I Recently Wrote About Energy In The Atlassian Purge Order.

What’s The Big Point About Energy?

One Of Our Soon To Come Eternal Life Articles Is Going To Give Hints. I Don’t Think You Guys Are Going To Be Super Compelled.

But Here.

I Just Want To Get Across The Main Point About Energy. Because If You Understand The Occultism. And The End Goal. Like When I Teach You Guys In Articles About Things Like Shining Or Intelligence Layers.

We Cover Those Things. Because People Practice Masonry And Hermetics And Alchemy And What Not, But Seldom Do You Get What The End Game Is.

By Understanding The End Game You Can Take A Less Traumatic Path To The Correct Growth.

So What’s The Deal With Energy?

Sure, Supplying Energy To A Home Is A Challenge And A Science In Itself.

It’s Not A Science That I Concern Myself With Greatly.

In My Home At The Moment We Have All The Standard Luxuries. I Argue With My Parents To Try And Take A Particular Approach To Energy. They Are Just Not Interested. They Will Not Wrap Their Heads Around The Concepts And Will Not Make Any Sacrifice. Over Time We Will Make Some Changes As A Family. I Won The Battle With Them And Convinced Them To Drop One Car. But On Electricity, It’s Hard To Get Them To Walk The Same Path As Me.

For Myself. Im Not Highly Concerned About The Challenge Of How Am I Going To Energise My Future Home. I Can Already Do All The Work I Want To Do On Very Low Energy Consumption. I Have Already Worked On Converting A Home To Running On Solar And As An Individual Im Willing To Make A Lot of Luxury Sacrifices In My Own Home.

So If I Were To Move Out, Chances Are Where I Live I Wouldn’t Sign Onto The Public Energy Grid And Pay A Monthly Bill. I Would Try And Live Seperate Of That. And Find Solutions For All My Energy Needs. The Only Luxury I Find Challenging Is Refrigeration But Think Now I Could Find Low Cost Solutions To Provide That Basic Luxury And Stay Off The Public Energy Grid.

Again, My Contemplations On The Topic, Are Not. How Can I Energise A Mansion With Lots Of Gadgets At Low Cost. Thats Not My Vision.

The Real Predicament Pertaining To Energy. Is.

Can You Utilise Your Body And Compose Your Body Such That You Have Enough Energy As A Being? So Firstly The Masonic Symbolism – Beneath The Powerlines. 

Are You Running As A Sufficient Enough Energy Expenditure Being?

That’s A Diet Thing, A Courage Thing, A Knowledge Thing. Also Many Beings May Just Lack The Spiritual Direction.

Thats The First Aspect Of Energy.

But Deeper Aspects.

Are You Going To Excerpt That Energy Sufficiently Enough Over Time Such That You Hit The Creators Big Milestone Goals.

Firstly – That Your Being Is Graced With The Opening And Activation Of The Pineal Gland. So That Your Brain-Core Does Not Remain In A Dead Calcified State? That’s A Coming Of Age Barrier You Have To Cross By The Appropriate Excerption Of Energy, The Correct Dietary Choices And The Avoidance Of Engaging In Relations And Committing The Energy Of Your Being To Nefarious Spiritual Entities. I’m Sure If You Give Your Being Over To Nefarious Entities The Creator Does Not Permit You Past This Early Energy Barrier.

Next – And A Much More Significant Energetic Line Marker In Your Beings Own Spiritual Development. Are You Going To Reach The Level Of Separating Your Beings Spiritual Body From Your Physical Body. Such That Your Spirit Vessel Travels In The Light Realms, In The Astrals. A Spiritual Accomplishment Being Honest I Was Never A Great Believer In. I Always Thought Shirley McLain Was Talking Quackery On Astral Travel. But I Assure You. When It Happens To Your Being. And You Feel A Demon Strangling You To Stop That Journey. You Know Well That It’s A Real Life Stage.

These Are The Real Energetic Line-Markers Of Your Being That Matter. It Takes An Energetic Struggle With Dark Forces In Your Family, In Your Workplace, In Your Governments. To Cross These Lines.

When It Comes To Energy. They Can Offer You A Big House. A Penthouse Apartment. A 4WD Car. They Don’t Have Limitation To Providing You Such Things. You Just Have To Bow Down To The Biggest Douche Bag.

But If You Single Mindedly Pursue These Things. You Are Really Creating A Big Box For Yourself. And If We All Single Mindedly Pursue These Things. Our Lands Are Boxes On Boxes On Boxes. Im Certain There Is A Force Amongst Us With That As An End Goal.  

The Real Energetic Question. Can You Conduct Your Being With The Right Energy To Enter The Dimensionless Realms? Because If You Can, If You Do. Im Certain All The Equations Change. The Properties Of The Realm Change.

If You Do Pass Through These Gates, And Can See With Your Eye Into Spirit. You Will Find That Your Energetic Desires Change. Your Goals Change.

For Example, Instead Of Can I Build Myself A Huge Box That Is Full Of Energy Eating Toys – Will Change To Can I Find Beings Of A Suitable Enough Quality To Exchange Divine Energies With? Many Of Your Objectives Will Change If You See What The Principal Personal Physical Energetic Goals Are. 

That Example Of A Goal, Can I Find Divine Beings To Exchange Energy With To Heal And Nurture My Being? Much Harder Than Can I Get A Big House And Fancy Car. So Get Your Perspective Right And Start Making Choices Because If You Don’t See The Higher Value, You Will Never Even Get Close To That Goal. 

So Really. Things Like Being Homeless And Destitute. A Fear Tactic That They Are Spitting At Everyone Just Now. But Ask Yourself The More Pressing Question. While You Have A Roof Over You Head. And Food In Your Belly. What Are You Going To Do With Your Energy? What Are You Going To Practice? Crawling On Your Belly Like A Roach, Serving Juice Wine And Scurrying Away Your Pennies So That You Can Afford To Pay An Energy Bill And Have Fancy Appliances?

Or Are You Going To Invest Your Energy In Undertakings That Nurture Your Spirit And Mind, And Extend Your Spine, Brain And Middle Eye Closer To The Light Of The Creator. By Satisfying Him With The Spirit And Intent Of Your Works Such That He Permits You To Enter His Gates?

Because At The End Of The Day, If You End Up Poor And Homeless With An Awakened Mind, It’s Probably A Better State To Be In Than Wealthy Surround By Fancy Appliances And Buried In The 66th Dimension Of Hell.