Eternal Life Series: The Concept of Eternal Life And Related Occultism

Before We Start This Series. I Just Wanted To Cover One Simple Occultism Pertaining To The Concept Of Eternal Life.

The Word Eternal Seems Positive.

Life Is A Little More Complex.

And When I Tell You. The KJV – Is A Mysterious Hermetic Work.

The Time Stamp Of Which Seems Positive To Me.

The Initials KJV However More Questionable.

Gateway Saturn Spirit. Why So?

Well The English Rendition Of Words, The English Only Contemplation Of Words.

Is Too Simplistic. Too Boxy. To Give You Detailed Understanding of Concepts.

The Alphabet Speaks Of A Saturnian Defence Toward Your Physical Death Transmutation.

It Also Suggests Just Exploration Of Biblical / Christian Messages In The English Alphabet. Possibly All Alphabets. And No Working With Other Mediums. Art. Divination. Spirit Channeling. Awakening.

No Deep Practice. You Are Boxed In.

Thats The Background On The English Christian Bible.

On The Word Life. I Have Told You. We Don’t See Life And Death The Same Way As Every Day People.

The Read On Life Is:
Base Eye Corrupt Energy Energy

On Alive:
Divine Base Eye Spirit Energy

I Won’t Explore Deeper Words Pertaining To The Concepts Of Life And Death Here.

But Those Two Words Would Suggest Life Pertains To A Corrupt Dead Pineal State.

And Being Alive Is A State Of Energisation Of Yet Still A Base Eye Or Not Yet Awakened Eye.

This Image Here, Where I Took A Quote From A Hermetic Work. 

Halls Of Amenti

That If You Grow From The Darkness To The Light You Become Free From The Flower Of Light And Life.

So It’s Interesting To Think Of The Notion, That The More Light You Take In, You Become Free From Life?

The Solution Or Answer Is Not That You Are Free From Life And Become Dead. Because Dead Is In Some Respect A Divine Energy But A Box. Death Is A Little More Interesting As A Decode.

Ghost Is Really Interesting As A Decode.

But You Can See From All Of This. That The Simple Notion Of Being Born As A Flesh Suit. Living For X Years. Rotting And Dying. Is A Simple Conception.

If You Look At The Greek Rendition Of The Word Life.

Aiónia zoí
The Simple Read Of zoí:
33 Saturn Eye.

Not That Compelling.

Being Honest. Im Really Desperately Clinging To Trying To Find Something Different In Other Language Renditions Of The Word Life, And Im Sure I Will.

In The Greek Script
Αιώνια ζωή
But The Geometry Reading Of The Word Life In Greek Script.
33 Cleansing South

Sounding Like A Mysterious Cleansing of The South Body.

Also Interesting To Note That The Capital Version Of Omega Is Strangely Similar To The Egyptian Shen Ring. 

Meaning An Esoteric Read of The Word Life In Greek (ζωή) Would Be
33 Eternal Protection South.


Mysterious Eternal Protection South.

So the Greek Rendition Of The Word Eternal Life Might Make One Think It’s A Mysterious Force That Provides Eternal Protection To The South Being. The More Skilled We Are At Our Spirituality, The More We Recover And Remove Cockroaches From Our Transmutation Technologies. I Think We Will Meet This Mysterious Life Protecting Force Head On. 

Anyways, The Purpose Of All Of This Discourse.

Is Simply To Stipulate.

When We Say. Eternal Life In English. 

We Don’t Under Any Circumstance Mean. 

Eternally Being Trapped In A Base Eye Corrupt Energy State. 

When We Say Eternal Life. We Mean The Eternal Continuation Of The Flesh Body And The Spirit Body.

That We Are So Good At Our Craft, That We Understand Our Biology So Well.

That We Maintain Our Being And Our Youth For All Time.

That The Southern Flesh Wall Or Flesh Being Is Maintained For Perpetuity. Such To Continually Also Hold Our Place In The Spiritual World.

Thats All. Will Start Posting Lessons In The Eternal Life Series Soon.

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