You Murder Holy Babies

Its Hilarious How Delicate They Are About The Invert Tranny Army.

The Media Is Like. You Are Heartless!

No. I’m Certain. That I Just Posted An Image Of Tranny. Sitting On Jew Tube. With Fuck All Audience. Cursing Your Blood. And Wishing You A Horrible Death. I’m Certain That’s What I Just Posted.

I Have No Heart? Are You A Spastic Tranny Cult?

Not The Case We Are Heartless. It’s Just That. There Would Never Be A Jew Pig Russian Yankee Yellow Monster Nigger Cult. That Could Render Us So Retarded. That We Would Forget The Basic Direction And Principles That Lead Us To Our Salvation. That Lead Us To Continuity.

We Haven’t Forgotten. And We Won’t Shut Our Mouth. We Teach Other People About These Things Because There Are Other People Who Care. And Other People That Don’t Compromise Like The Tranny Cult So Easily Do.

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