You Are Blind. So Fuck What You Say. I’ll Expose The Flat Earth & Heil Hitler All Day.

I Dropped This On LinkedIn Yesterday.

I Have Since Been Banned. They Asked For ID.

I Have Provided A Copy Of My Passport.

Ive Already Deleted My LinkedIn Once. One Of The Reasons Was I Thought It Was A Boring Soul Trap Full Of Dead Corporate Drones. So I Don’t Give A Fuck Long Term. If They Ban Me I Will Just Put More Energy Into My Own Resume Site.

On The Boring Soulless Soul Trap, Truth Is If They Let Us Communicate On LinkedIn It Would Probably Turn It Into A Completely Different Network Because Our Comms Are Not Boring Corporate Shit.

They Asked For ID. I Uploaded My Passport.

When People Ask You For Lots Of ID. It’s Kind Of An Issue.

My First Response To This LinkedIn Ban Will That Hopefully Today Im Going To Try Drop A Deep Decode For You Guys About Identification And What It Might Be All About.



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